Black Spirituality Religion : Eden. Original Sin or Original Virtue?

the bible from biblos is a fraud...

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If we consider what the ancients thought to be accurate about the Gods, all that is written of all the various Gods is speculative nonsense.

The ancients thought that God could not be known as he is unfathomable, unknowable and works in mysterious ways.

I think more as they did and not what we have today with everyone putting words in God's mouth that God would not likely endorse.

Please Google --- what is God big think ---- to have this explained further by one of my favorite scholars.

Robot - Deaf Dumb and Blind without an operator to push buttons?
Man - Virtuous, rational, moral, sexual, etc?

Is this an accurate assessment of the OP in the context of Robot vs. Man?

Question, were the "giants" (Anaqiy) considered "Man" as well, or something else?



Lord save me from minds that have lost themselves in fantasy and the supernatural.

Faith without facts is for fools.

Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.

Faith is a way to quit using, "God given" power of Reason and Logic, and cause the faithful to embrace doctrines that moral people reject.

The God of the OT says, “Come now, and let us reason together,” [Isaiah 1:18]

How can literalists reason on God when they must ignore reason and logic and discard them when turning into literalist?

Those who are literalists can only reply somewhat in the fashion that Martin Luther did.

“Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.”

“Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.”

This attitude effectively kills all worthy communication that non-theists can have with theist. Faith closes the mind as it is pure idol worship.

Literalism is an evil practice that hides the true messages of myths. We cannot show our faith based friends that they are wrong through their faith colored glasses. Their faith also plugs their ears.



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