Black People : ECONOMICALLY!,; Lead!, Follow!, or Get out of YAH-WAY!.

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    Question? Where is the ECONOMIC BAIL-OUT PLAN for the Believers and Members of all Faiths who Believe in and Demonstrate Mercy and Compassion? Which one of us as Believers Presently has the the Plan or the Best Plan for our ECONOMIC DELIVERANCE from our Holy Book(s)? Please! Bring It On Right Now! Let's discuss it intelligently. We as Believers and Members of all Faiths need to come to a United Front by pulling out of our Holy Readings only the contents that Deals with Economic Deliverance and Family I Believe; For Right Now as a common working Foundation ground. I am willing to Follow the Best Plan that any one of us has as to our Economic Deliverance at this moment; ARE YOU! YAH=the LORD in Hebrew. Since 1986, The LORD has given me a Plan for our ECONOMIC DELIVERANCE right in the Holy Scriptures of
    (The Bible). The question is how many of us want to be LED out of this present Economic Captivity? How many of us are willing to Humbly take time out of our busy schedules to hear? How many of us even care? I feel that if I am not part of our Economic Deliverance or even bringing a solution for our Economic Liberation then I need to Get-OUT OF YAH-WAY!, The Way!, and Your Way!. I have THE PLAN! Believe It or Not! (All PRAISES DUE TO THE MOST HIGH!)