Black Short Stories : EBONY~n~ LOVE (yay its decided)

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    Iam back lol with some more of the story we left off w/ zora's friend olina telling her how much time she was spending with Denieric

    "BE QUIET?we at a **** party his *** can't here us"
    "it's not that serious you kno?we were just gettin to kno each other"
    "my ***" laughing"what did ya'll talk about?"
    "o nothing important"
    "so two practically spent the whole afternoon together "
    "well thats because we had a little in common"
    "well ...nothings wrong with that It just mean now you can admitt the attraction you feel for him"
    "ok yea i do feel something but,unlike you i take things slow i would need to kno him a little more for anyting to happen"
    "Watever can you just tell me wat ya'll was talking about?"
    "it was a lot of things Lina ....he sed he wants to paint a portrait of me iam thinkin- cuting her off
    "i say dont think, say HELL'S yea, **** he's diggin you.. a paintin?i can't even get Keith to hardly even take a poleroid picture of me""you got it badd"
    "stop overreacting"
    "watever iam not overreacting and anyway he's coming over"
    "Hey ladies.. Olina i was wondering if you and keith were coming to the shomberg to see my art show"
    "o sure when is it?"
    "it's next wednesday didnt keith tell you?"
    "no he probably forgot but ofcourse we'll be there"
    "Great ...hey Zora i would really like it if you came?"
    " sounds good"
    "yea i have a feeling you'll like it and maybe after we all can hang at my place"
    "alright i'll see you two then?"he says givin both women a kiss on the cheek

    ric pics up the phone
    "yea hello?"
    "heyy ric it's Keith"
    "hey man how you doin?"
    "iam good well were all good"
    "why werent you at the party?"
    "working man you kno my situation"
    "yea and you kno i personally dont know why you work for people you can't stand"
    "i necessarily dont care as long as i get paid so i can put food in my baby's mouth and clothes on her back"
    "I understand 'do you' brotha"
    "thnx... so how's your kids?"
    "their fine i really won't kno until i see them you kno Trudy"
    "it'll work out"
    "**** i'll like to see that"they chuckle"you coming to my art show right"
    "oh yea man always glad to support fellow brotha's"
    "yea i need it ..iam hoping to see Zora there too"
    "oh yea thats right i heard you met Zora watcha think bout her?"
    "no dobt she's gorgeous very intelligent too she's not a air head"
    "yea i heard Olina says she's coming for sure you have a chance to impress her with your art"
    "i dont really care about that too too much i just want to get to kno her better kno her dont you?tell me wat she's like"
    "i dont kno that much you kno she's lina's friend...but she's nice kinda funny at times"
    "well iam looking forward to seeing her...ok man look i gotta go pick up my daughter from school so i'll see you wednesday right?"
    "no doubt"
    "ight bye"
    ~~~~~~~~~~Denieric and his daughter Latisha~~~~~~~~~~

    he arrives at his daughter's elementary school .He enters the office where he see's a white woman behind the desk she is tryin to fix herself up when she realize she's in the presence of this gorgeous man.

    "Good Afternoon Mrs."
    "Good Afternoon may i help you?"
    "i hope so, i need to pick my daughter Latisha Davis she has a dentist appointment"
    "yes ofcourse i just need I.D"
    "sure here you go"he show her "Ric davis"
    "ok thanx wat class is she in?"
    "uhh 4-404"
    " are you sure ?"she says in a flirtatious way that wasnt turing him on
    "yes i am"
    "ok hold on i'll call her up"
    10 minutes later he see's latisha coming through the office doors
    "hi daddy"
    "hey baby wats up"he says giving her a hug
    "nothing iam hungry you came before lunch"
    "oh iam sorry baby we'll get you something to eat before we go to the dentist'
    their eating mcdonalds while driving
    "do you have your appointment papers?"
    "its in my bag"
    "take it out"
    "ok..are you going to pick up Dominic?"
    "Does he have a dentist appointment?"
    "then he dont need to skip school...are you nervous?"
    "a little ..didnt you have braces?"
    "yea i did"
    "did it hurt?"
    "just a little baby but your a brave grl you'll survive"
    "i just cant wait to get the different color rubber bands on after"
    "you kno wat colors you want yet?"
    "iam not sure yet"
    "think about it"
    "MR.DAVIS"the dentist assistant says
    "do you want to come in with her?"
    "sure"......hey baby does it hurt?"
    "alittle" OUCH"yea it hurts"
    he's holding her hand feeling her tight grip,after her braces are on the dentist asked her what color rubber bands she wanted
    "umm i want pink and black"
    "ok pink and blk it is"after putting on her bands he gives her, her braces kit with instructions on what foods not to eat"
    "your welcome"
    "thank Mr.kvosik"
    in the car
    "it hurts alot?"
    "yes it does"
    "you need to lay off the candy"
    "i will"
    "ok iam picking up your brother now"
    "ric's honking his horn so his son can come to the car
    "eww tisha ya braces r ugly"
    "sht up"
    "you shut up move to the back"
    "NO i was here first'
    "shut up"
    "no you-
    "hey hey nic just get to the bac we dont have time for that ..and how about a hello when you step in my car"
    "hey dad wats up?"
    "iam good wat about you?"
    "nuttin i had a math test i got a 80"
    "thats good but iam sure you could do better but the way you've been struggling with math thats pretty good"
    "you guys kno i have aart show wednesday?"
    "no i didnt know daddy thats great"
    "yea good job dad hope it goes well"
    "can we go?"
    "No you have school"
    "look on friday when you two spend the night i'll give a special art show just for you two ok?"
    their all laughing
    "how about just me"nic says
    "be nice"
    tisha's sticking her tounge out at nic
    ric is smiling at his kids bickering
    they arrive at Trudy's house the kids mother
    "hi mommy"
    "hey baby let me see your teeth"she opens wide for her mother to see
    "they hurt"
    "well grogle with warm salt water maybe it will help..and give me a kiss"
    "hey ma "
    "nic you better give me a kiss" he slowly givin her kiss in a iam to old to give you a kiss way
    "Ric how's things?"
    "good you?"
    "ok "the phone rings
    "ANSWER THAT" nic come bac with the phone
    "mom it's Gerald"
    "tell him to hold on a minute"
    "who's Gerald and has he been spending time with my kids"
    "Dont get hype ok iam not stupid tisha and nic dont kno anything yet"
    "yea yet until i know where we stand oh and another thing they are my kids in fact 48 combined labor the both of them came out of me so-
    "look i didnt come looking for an argument today"
    "then dont start them"
    'you know wat?***** it iam about to go"
    They came running together
    "Bye daddy see you friday have a good show"she says with a hug"thnx baby
    "yea bye dad"
    "oh you too old to give me a hug huh?c'mon here i love you both dont forget that ok?"
    "we love you too"they say in unison
    " Trudy"

    more to come be patient please iam a rookie lol
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    Diggin' this immensely!

    You have a gift for dialogue.
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    thank you iam glad you like i hope to be as good as all of you ,you all are very talented
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    wow this one was as sweeter as the first
    u really have skillz to be a short story writer
    keep moving forward and never let go
    i really enjoy your work.......lovin Zora !
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    thanx soo much rich u da bomb u kno dat right ? lol i'll post more soon