Black Short Stories : Eboni is she...but who is he? part3


Feb 15, 2008
I appreciate the comments. Ya'll made my day when I read them :> btw I left a little comment in my last thread, just thanking you guys again for the love.Well..heres part 3, enjoy.

"Michael huh?" Josey teased after Eboni told her what they both where wondering for a while.
"Yea, you happy now?" Eboni said sarcastically as she exited through the kitchen doors.
"Me? girl, please.If anyone's happy it's you" Josey followed
"Whys that?..look Josey just because a stranger shows interest in me doesnt mean i'm gonna bend over backwards"
"Oh is that right?"
"That's **** right"
"Then will this do the trick?" Josey pulled out a 50 dollar bill from her uniform pocket.
"50 dollars? c'mon i'm worth more than that"
"hmm..this isnt my money"
"Then who's is it? dont tell me you stold that"
" kno me, besides, it's "Michaels" money" she sang.
" He gave you 50 dollars? for what?" Eboni asked sounding a little more than upset, aleast in her mind.
"No, he gave YOU 50 dollars, i'm telling you E..your little baller left you a serious tip.All this for your crappy services, I say he's sprung"
" He left me what?"
"Yup it was on his table when he left.And i dont think he left it by accident although homeboy do look a little raggedy sometimes, in a good way though"
"I dont understand, he hardly touched his food" Eboni said sounding confused by the whole thing.
"You know **** well it aint the food he wants"
"Well, he can keep that money, I aint something he could just buy.This is not London"
"Maybe he just looking out for you"
"He dont even know me"
"Well, just look at it like this, you can use the money to help pay for one of them college books you always buying or renting"
" Naw..I'm giving it back when he comes tomorrow"
"E, what difference does it make? he obviously felt you deserve this money"
"I cant take it, it just dont feel right"
"....Then hell give it to me I'll make it feel right"
"I'm sure you would"

Michael arrived around 1:50, just in time for Eboni's lunch break.How convient Eboni thought as he sat in his usual seat.
Eboni approached him
" Well, Hello Love, how are you on this lovely day?" He said, his accent showing true.
"Im quite fine and yourself"
" Arent you a little late for breakfast this afternoon"
"I have no plans to eat a late breakfast, rather a early lunch with a new friend"
"We're still on that?"
" I'm pretty persistant"
"I noticed'
"How about it then?"
" How about what" Eboni teased. He could tell she didnt play fair.
"oK Eboni..I'm not going to force you, or try to make you feel obligated to have lunch with me, I'd just thought i'd give it a shot. I apologize" That's it?Eboni was surprised, yet impressed.He knows when to stop, unlike some Harlem guys she grew up with on the block.
" I'll go get Josey..she's going to be your waitress"
" Ok thank you Eboni"
"Your welcome"
As Eboni began walking over to Josey she began to comtemplate. What the hell was that about? I hope I wasnt too mean to him, I could get bitter sometimes. I should apologize..Na.Thats desperate. He is cute,polite,witty, has a great "accent"..Cute.
"Do you want to come with me?"
"come with you?"
" To eat..there's this restaurant named Pan Pan, they have really good coffee" Please say yes so I dont look stupid she thought.
" I guess this means you changed your mindhuh?" he looked at her seemingly amused. Eboni smiled shyly.
"C'mon.. I have to be back by three"

sorry its so short. I will continue as soon as possible.

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