Black Short Stories : Eboni is she...but who is he? continued

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    Thank you watzinaname and PLATINUMILLITY1 for your responses I appreciate it.

    " Here's your coffee"
    "Thank you Eboni" he takes a sip again, his eyes never leaving her presence.
    " you live in Harlem?"
    " That's a personal question, dont ya think?" She said jokingly but really annoyed he asked.Wasnt it obvious she did?
    "Not exactly, I asked if you lived in Harlem, I didnt however, ask what street or an exact address, now that would be personal..dont ya think?" He said using her words.
    " Why does it matter?"
    "Just rying to make conversation is all" he takes another sip of his coffee.
    "Well, I do live in Harlem, if you nust know.Born and Raised, you?"
    "That's a personal question Eboni, I feel quite violated"
    Eboni was shocked, Mr.Mute was making jokes.
    "Very funny Mr.Technical, now, spill it"
    "I was born in England, raised in England...lived in England up until last year, I now live in South Houston"
    "Oh SoHo"
    "Yes I believe that's what it's called" he smiled.
    Eboni was puzzeled, he did sound british to her (atleast not before she asked him where he was from) and he had good teeth something was up.
    "Am I suppose to believe that your from England just cause you put on a british accent less than two sentences ago?"
    "I have no reason to lie, I was born in Addington England..
    Eboni gave him the 'I'm not buyinh it' look
    "It's pretty easy to fake an American accent, quite frankly, I get through my day better with this act"
    "How so? Americans love English accents you know"
    "I do, and thats why I put my american accent on and talk as you americans do with your slang and the whole bit. I dont like too much attention."
    "I see, but why now?"
    "Why now what?"
    "Why speak with your natural tongue now?"
    "Well for one you didnt ask me if I knew Simon which is a first, and i dont know I guess I feel comfortable around you"
    Eboni didnt answer.She wanted to know more about him but didnt know what to say. He seemed interesting to her.And even thoughh he was making the intitiative in the conversation, there was still a mystery about him.
    "It's ok if your not comfortable around me, I've been told I can be quite intimidating without trying"
    Whoever told him that wasnt lieing, he was intense.
    "If you'll excuse me, I'll be right back with your food"

    "So much for not being interested, you look pretty cozy chattin it up with Mr.Lonely over there"
    "Yea well he's interesting, but I'm still not interested"
    " What lies we indenial E"
    "Did you know he's from England?" she said changing the subject quick fast and in a hurry.
    " What? are you sure?"
    "well he seemed sincere about it"
    "He dont sound English to me"
    "Well, you know a lot of English people can imitate American accents pretty good"
    "What, did he tell you that? ha, a lot of Americans can do the same, dont mean a thang"
    "Well if he's lieing then I'm stupid cause he has a good act'
    " Does he sound good with a british accent?"
    "umm hmm he sounds extremely intelligent"
    "Well ****" they laugh as Eboni arrange his order on the bright red serving tray.
    'Well did you atleast get his name?"
    "No I dont need it"
    "It's not the need girl"
    "I'll be back" Eboni says while proceeding to 'his' table.
    "Here's your Bacon, home fries and french toast"
    "Thank you very much"
    "No problem will that be all?"
    "How about you have a seat with me"
    "I cant, have to get back to work"
    "How about on your break?"
    "Hey where'd your accents go?"
    "Away..for now.I like how your changing the subject"
    "Thak you its my specialty"
    "So how about it?"
    "My break isnt until 2"
    "I should be hungry again by then, how about lunch?"
    " How about no" Eboni made it her rule to play hard to get even if she was interested.
    "Thats ashame, I was hoping to get to know you a little better,maybe another time"
    "I suggest you keep on hoping, I dont date customers, that's policy"
    "Thats your policy besides Iam not your customer"
    "Today you are"
    "But tomorrow I wont, I'll see to that"
    "Oh really?"
    "Really.So I'll keep hoping until then"
    "You can if you want to"
    Eboni exited to the bathroom. I'm flirting a little too hard with this man, she thought. I dont even know if he's english or if he's lieing hell, I dont even know his **** name"
    "Saul I'm going for some air"
    "You got air in here" The middle aged caramel man around 50 with salt-N-pepper hair replied.
    "Saul please I feel sick" he glared at Eboni but then agreed
    "You got 5mins"

    The fresh air hit Eboni like a windmill.Only 5 more hours she reminded herself.
    "I'll be seeing you tomorrow Ms.Eboni?"
    The man said as he exited the diner with his jacket on his arm
    Eboni smiled as he approach
    "Still hoping huh"
    " You'll never get anywhere if you dont, by the way, my name is Michael"
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    da south............ATL
    I liked this piece. very good. Michael, I liked how you dragged his name out until the end. very clever. Cant wait until the next part. plz don't stop here.
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    Well, he's holding Eboni's interest, that's for sure. And, agreeing with krazelyricks, that was clever how you waited til the end of this chapter to reveal his name.
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    Oh thank you guys so much. Im glad ya'll are feeling my story..i was getting worried lol. I come here a lot and read the stories here, which are great by the way, and I was like you know what..I got some stories too. Well again, I appreiciate the love and will return the favor by finishing the Eboni's story..or atleast try: >.Thanx again.

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