Black Short Stories : Eboni is she..but who is he? continued.

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    sorry about the first one, I did it from my phone.:/

    "Yea yea yea. well he can be interested all he want, and it wont mean i will return the favor"
    "You say that now" They share a laugh before Eboni finally carries the food to the customers who still awaited her arrival.
    The familiar eyes from before lock with hers as she returned to Josie to finish her conversation.
    "There he go again"
    "You know, I dont see the problem, he's very good looking E"
    "You dont have to be good looking to be sane Josie"
    "Aint that the truth!"
    " I wonder what he's doing in Harlem"
    "Who knows"
    "Probably on some stuff"
    "Ha, well he been sitting there a while now so imma go on ahead and take his order"
    "Yea you do that" Eboni teased as Josie passed her by to approach the mystery man that remained speechless in the corner.She couldnt help but notice the man, he came every day almost for the past month. He sits at the same table, orders the same food, and reads the same book. Maybe she's noticing a little more than she should.Just then, Jaysen, Eboni best male friend/ other co-worker appears from the kitchen, interupting her thoughts. He wasnt dressed in his uniform which worried Eboni because his lunch break wasnt until 5.
    "Jay, where you going? you dont break til 5, whats up?"
    "Your right sweetie, that's why i'm breaking for goodI cant take this **** no more E, Saul got me working 9 to 9 and you know that aint right"
    "You **** right it aint right Jay, cause you know you dont work no 24 hour, stop exagerating" Jay was kno
    wn for being a little over the top so him being fired, or quiting isnt no big surprised for Eboni. He was never satisfied in one place for too long. Eboni believes this flaw will be his down fall.
    "Well I'm convinced Saul dont like me"
    " dont say" Eboni joked
    "You can make fun all you want, all I know is that when I become a producer/fashion designer, ya'll gonna wish ya'll wasnt such comiedians, working minimum wage in a diner"
    "Jay, calm down, your a little upset and thats natural for some one who just quit their job"
    " You right,you right,.. well I'm going over to the Rib Shack now, they got comin'?"
    "No, Imma stick to what I know"
    " Suit ya'self, i'm gone, i'll call you tonite" he says gathering his belongs.
    "Alright then tell me how the Rib shack goes"
    "Will do, oh and one more thing, tell Saul to kiss my ***"
    "Get outta here fo' you get me fired"

    Josie returned to the desk holding her note pad and pen in surrender
    "What wrong with you?" Eboni asked
    "oh nothing just that I lost a customer"
    " oh yea to who ,Gaby? she stay stealing tables"
    " No to you..Homeboy finally decided to ask you to be his waitress" Josie said seemingly upset. She got that way when not enought male attention was given in her direction.
    "Did you tell him I was busy?"
    " UMM..lets see your standing here refilling mint baskets, he can pretty much tell your available"
    " Alright, but I'm not doing this everyday"
    'Sure, by the way whats with Jay?"
    'Oh yea girl, he quit"
    "Well surprise surprise, helasted longer a wahile huh?"
    "He sure did" Eboni ended as she made her way to 'his' table. she began to think.What should I say?...may I take your order..DUH. Did he have to be staring right through her soul? She never had someone look at her so intently.Well she knew one thing he knew how to make someone feel uncomfortably special.If that was possible.
    "May I take your order?"
    great no answer, she thought
    "Eboni- he finally said . she hadnt notice if he had seen her tag or not. He then gazed deeply into her eyes.
    "Yes sir that's my name" Eboni said avoiding his stare.
    "That's all I wanted to know"
    "You dont want to order anything?"
    "Since you went through the trouble..I guess I'll have a cup of coffee and what today special?"
    " Bacon, homefries, and french toast" he gazed into her eyes as she spoke and paused after she finished.
    'I'll take that" he said not moving his eyes from hers.
    "um-I can take your menu?
    "Sure" he said catching himself
    Eboni actually got an upclose look at this dude.He was very artsy with a professional flare.White, with beautiful baby blue eyes. Not her type at all.
    "I'll be right back with your order'
    "Thank you very much Eboni"
    "No problemo"
    Upon returning to the kitchen to give 'sonny the cook' his order, Josie managed to sneak up on Eboni with a tray of food on her shoulder,making her scream entirely to loud.
    " So what he say? Josie asked casually as if she didnt just almost get her fired.
    "Nothing, and dont do that"
    "Sorry, whats his name? what does he do? why in the hell is he here?"
    " I dont know all I did was take his order..and how come you dont know his name?"
    " No he never says, he just orders coffee and says please and thank you'
    " Ok so if you dont know his name why should I, your his usual waitress"
    "Not anymore, and its not me who he likes mind you"
    "Well he must not be too interested cause he didnt tell me his name either, besides I like my brown suga"
    "Ok thats cool but it aint gonna stop him from comin everyday to see you" Eboni rolled her eyes as she stirred his coffee black.
    "figures he wants black coffee"
    "Jo,shut up!"
    "I'm just sayin E, ya boy got some serious jungle fever on you"
    "He better keep it on a lease"
    "What? you?"
    "Forget it, forget you..I'll be right back"

    Maybe he shouldnt have stared so much, but he hasnt seen beauty in a long while and almost forgot it's existence. She is obviously aware of his tactic and he is aware of how awkard he has made her feel around him. Certainly it wasnt his intentions, but he cant help feeling the way he do, acting the way she got him acting. He has never been the chaser, rather the reciever. Naturally he likes a good challenge.

    Hello all..please let me kno if i should continue, I would like to know if it's good or not.I would really appreciate it.

    the new one.
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    This story has me wondering what the mystery man's next move will be, since he feels how uneasy Eboni is around him. We shall see.
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    I'm lovin this. I'm definitely lovin yo style. Bravo.