Black Poetry : Eat a snack defeat the whack try win the streets back use the strategy


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May 11, 2006
Eat a snack defeat the whack try win the streets back use the strategy
From my bike battery this is extreme and real between meals anatomy
Is body structure always a party in HIP HOP culture this is dense heat
But make mincemeat out the competition too much friction at my feet
Throttle around and gobble down food while on my harley eat a hot dog
And my plot is clog facts flies in threes like black eyed peas they log
In with flavor good in the neighborhood my luck perk as i tuck my shirt
Into my pants can’t buck the chance of falling in love must be alert
Like caterpillars my facts are thrillers sex is game and to explain
Mean to make clear and there maybe cake in here looking for a dame
whoop shack-a-lacka, now i have a habit with a tablet which is a writing
Pad and I be fighting mad throwing words and flowing verbs by igniting
Haystack some cats stay whack, anyway met a chick and she became
wet quick after a kiss seem to master this my dew rag wet and a lame
Magnet attract iron got facts in FOOD LION could smack cats on MOUNT
DRACULA even knows this, he suck blood while i duck scrubs and wannabes
That so i be at movies, “BOO I try romance by chance and met you hope we get to date, be rapping when i see lace this may happen to be the case and yet
You get wet and turn me down I'm concern about your round hips i bet
Your boyfriend act crazy at home when he get your gravy alone so wet
My vocab cook grab a book use my fingers to flick through pages quick
How you amazes me, revamping my game to dampen my fame its jest
too dry and i’m a true guy what you gonna do with that pie boo? Lets
Go to the car and be done with this fun ”NAW PLAYER can’t all bets
Are off my thing wet and soft but you don’t get to toss my panties
Over the front seat of rearview think you here to get some candies
Being in school is strange and rule subject to change, you very hooked
Should carry my books to class hard to look pass a gentleman, took
Time to think this thing through thrill somehow until now you have
Terrific game but no specific name, a kiss rock glory with this grab
a hot story flirt smart which is a work of art booty move when cutie
Groove it’s your duty to prove that you love me my flavor kinda fruity
Your music is bizarre funk speakers use it in the car trunk, you a flower
Boo and you have power to do stuff, make a boy fall in love you shower
Him with affection, have pride and bold plus play specified role in this
Affair now throw a kiss in the air, confused which mean I'm mixed up
How do you fix a cup of coffee? Butt move softly fantastic and my luck
Elastic which mean i spring back while your bling stack my thing is to
Act innocent

The prices of a crisis is not the nicest could lead to a downfall yall
A loss of power Tossed in the shower use Zest soap to impress all
The folk, complex Gardner but had an ex-partner his role was to plow
Ground using the mule, amusing in school he grew crops somehow
had a dumb cow to milk everyday, like knot this is difficult to undo
The results are true, like a mouth I chew down south got a crew
See a girl with a butt brown and hype grab a cup gulp down some sprite
Sex and friction is like an exhibition it attract folks through facts and quotes
And attack boats like icebergs so in nice words be aware of these dope
Verses, never gamble and like a clever scandal this stuff rocked the town
And shock clowns make normal folks hop around but back to the situation
At hand got a phat plan to rap to this chick grab a map quick with fit information
So I'm wit a chick i wanna hit quick and git her slick tongue and some
this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH this girl is not dumb
“LOOK BOO you a hot one got lips , hips and stuff you very red
Like fresh cherries breasts like dairies they definitely got milk my head
And world spin to no end be my girlfriend” “NAW PLAYER I KNOW I
Got brown sweaty thighs and boys stay ready for pies but a lie
Set me off even though my thing wet and soft wanna get to toss
My panties in the air and begin an affair, oh my thing is so wet lost
Myself when a boy kissed my lips at another store it was butter galore
Oh i couldn’t escape he wanted pudding and cake emotions can’t ignore
I never felt like this before the wind blow up my skirt he want my donut
To work wit he looked at my breasts and got some tongue right there no luck
From the escape point of view oh gosh i was so hot down there juice around
Everywhere, “SO BOO LET'S GO to the car and talk “OH NO I wanna be down
But i remain in place and my panties are plain lace this is a dang chase because
You holler for cake and expect me to tolerate that, my menu is brisk so pause
I continue to exist just because my walk fine from behind is no fault of mine
I’m jest a cutie with brown round booty and boys wanna tongue me a sign
Of love happen many times at the club, well my pride is strong i dwell and
Reside alone now you wanna ride me home collide on the phone with plan
To date huh? You want some pie but i have to comply do you understand?
This involve words as i observe behavior as verbs a major part of this
In Walmart they twist words around make grocery seem like a poetry list
It’s critical thunders and political blunders put a nation under watch so
I’m a blot on a landscape and you plan to take cake and this march show
A thief is present this spoil chances and oil romances with WD forty oh
My thing is so hot a lot, breasts brown boys wanna mess around and
Test my pound cake hidden quotes and written notes to a fiery diary fan
Of HIP HOP but my lips lock and my brain trip a lot at the tiptop on demand
Arrange these rapping events that happen frequent a trapping sequence stand
In the way, got breasts and attitude which express a mood boys test my food
Got butt major strut with flavor mingle home in a single tone on CD but elude
Havoc of an empty symphony, born with choice no scorn in my voice torn
Paper no remorse, pies smoking when my thighs open boys jest adorn
Stop and kiss it and not optimistic so HIPHOP IT don’t get this twisted
Like a buttermilk biscuit this here has flavor in some cases ballistic
Wreck parades for a decade the heck with grenades" ”OK BOO lets
Depart from listening and start kissing not gonna miss your legit
Red lips my head trip jest to gaze at them they raise and stem
My hormones you belong at my home I’m in rage absurd like them
Cage for a bird i’m trapped perhaps in your beauty and its my duty
To snap out of this after i rap a kiss may help me find myself a cutie
Can do this to a boy out to enjoy a date and cake can mistake and get
Hooked on a girl’s love the world is a club jest hurl a hug and drink wet
Wine and let a fine girl approach, wanna make things straight wear great
Bling and want cake, you sweet and such have to keep in touch and take
A chill pill to fill my desire, yearn for sex and learn to text on the cell
Phone, go in the street and seek with intent to kiss, it’s love oh well
see pie and shout cry out for a date, so boo have a fancy computer
System but need a tutor for wisdom like LUDACRIS a commuter
On the Fast and Furious movie, clutch your waist too much lace
My slang true and I hang onto grammar and hammer brains with
Words these are raw stats that claw at HIP HOP do a good face lift
Want cake got vocab ready to make grab at a chick must be swift
So boo jump your hips in the car from my lip you’ll be hearing the real
While i grip the steering wheel, “NAW PLAYER I better leave before
My emotions take over

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