Black People : Easter Monday Nightmare for Ladies Dressed in Revealing Attire

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    Easter Monday Nightmare for Ladies Dressed in Revealing Attire

    Arusha Times (Arusha)
    April 14, 2007

    By Valentine Marc Nkwame

    They were probably 'dressed for the occasion,' but little did they know that 'they' will end up being the 'occasion.' Some four young ladies, who chose to put on highly revealing attires last Easter Monday, discovered that they were in for some serious headaches in town.

    The four ladies, whose names weren't immediately available, found themselves attracting a rather huge crowd of people, mostly male youths, who stalked them wherever they went, booing, whistling and shouting, much to their dismay.

    The ladies never made it to their destination, wherever that was, because their efforts to shake off the crowd of leering youths behind them, proved not only futile, but also every time they tried to take another route, they kept gathering more 'followers.' The situation got worse when they passed near the central market, where all hell broke loose.

    Some traders and other hooligans who happened to be in the area started hurling rotten fruits and pieces of junk to the ladies shouting to them that they should 'go home and get dressed!' Here the now frightened pack of four decided to take on their heels and run.

    This again became even more hilarious, since they had put on high heeled shoes and two of them fell down in the process. Never giving up, they took off their clogs and proceeded to run bare feet along Azimio road and onto the main Uhuru-Sokoine road, still with the now larger crowd in hot pursuit.

    The pandemonium almost caused an accident at the Metropole Cinema area, where the ladies tried to out-run their followers by suddenly crossing the road, aiming to shake off the crowd, but the animated mass of people behind them chose to also follow them across without looking either left or right. Loud screechings and hooting ensued but luckily the motorists managed to brake in time.

    The incident lasted for almost one hour, in which the ladies who were dressed in tight revealing trousers and a few 'strings' on top, decided to take the route heading to Unga-Limited via Arusha Secondary school. It wasn't clear how the drama ended as they were last seen speeding down southwards. The time was about 6.30pm and the incident according to witnesses, had started at around 4.30pm.