Africa : East African Federation by 2010


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Feb 27, 2007
Therious said:

Check this link above, it is about a Sudanese street vendor who was stabbed by some stinking towel head. Thats how they feel of blacks, this has been going on for thousands of years. KMT was a black nation, Nubia ect, this is an ancient war!!

Thanks for the good valid information from an acceptable source. I guess it is "racism" for an Arab media to publish this kind of information? What about when the editor is Nkrumah's son and El-Nasser's grandson: Is that "racism. too?

Here is one for you: When both sides are Sudanese and both sides are Arabs, is that "racism" too?

Or, better yet; what is exactly is racism? Is it not the legacy of the western European enslavement of Africans? Is it not the system by which we are kept in a weak position and prevented from being full human beings in command of our own independent destinies? Surely racism is not just petty crime where one fool attacks and abuses an innocent victim. If that was the case, all of these black on black dope crimes would be called racism.

I believe strongly that id we Unify Africa we will solve the problems that lead to these type of problems. But, we will accomplish nothing at all by accusing each other of "racism".

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