Black Spirituality Religion : EARTH'S INITIAL LIFE FORMS

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    This knowledge is not influenced by the view of a Christian, Muslim or Israelite, nor is this knowledge influenced by any secret society, cult or denomination. This knowledge is influenced by All of the Scriptures and related literature COMBINED, ABSENT OF RELIGION.
    Continuing from Bulletin # 9... Some of these life forms made residence in the center of the Earth called "ESHARRA". and some to make residence beneath the seas called "BIMINI" WHERE A GREAT EMPIRE OF REPTILIANS thrive today, and still other life forms took shape on the surface of the Earth Billions of years before the Pro-Creation of "Adam and Eve". For Billions of years , life forms continued to consist of no more than simple cells, yet with a degree of intelligence. It was gases and electrical sparks that formed the "COMPLEX MOLECULES" from the "SIMPLE ONES" planted here 76 Trillion years ago, deriving from the cataclysm, or the INITIAL BEGINNING OF ALL PHYSICAL MATTER AND LIGHT.
    For Billions of years, life forms continued to consist of no more than simple cells, yet with a degree of intelligence. It was gases and electrical sparks that formed the "COMPLEX MOLECULES" from the "SIMPLE ONES" planted here 76 Trillion years ago, from the Cataclysm or the initial beginning of ALL PHYSICAL MATTER AND LIGHT. The 20th verse of the 1st chapter in the Book of Genesis states: "AND GOD SAID LET THE WATERS BRING FORTH ABUNDANTLY THE MOVING CREATURE THAT HATH LIFE"...(in part), also the 19th verse indicates that this is the "Forth Day" as translated. Actually, according to The Real Story "The Forth Day" is equal to 28,000 years into the Re-Construction and replenishing of the Planet Earth. The accurate translation reveals that, Each Day during the Re-construction of the Planet Earth, was equal to 7,000 years or One Cycle, and One Cycle consists of 7 "Periods of time" equaling 1,000 years each... Do you follow that? This means, The first day is equal to 7,000 years, the second day is equal to 14,000 years, the third day is equal to 21,000 years and the fourth day is equal to 28,000 years. As time continued to pass, more COMPLICATED MOLECULES were born, and these organisms evolved out of the water through , Ammonia and into the soil. The next group to develop are called METAZOANS, and these bodies were composed of specialized cell groups to form tissue, organs and systems, much like the animals of today. Keep in mind while new life forms were evolving, due to the catastrophic changes the Earth experienced, Beings of an advanced intelligence from different galaxies, resided below as well as on the surface of the Planet Earth (then called Qi). New life forms began to evolve on the surface of the Reconstructed Planet Earth...Thus EVOLUTION. INTELLIGENT DESIGN is the processes that occurred prior to the physical Creation and CREATIONISM is directly related to the Pro-Creation of "Adam and Eve", of which will be covered as we continue. This was the FIRST EVOLUTION OF NEW LIFE ON THE RECONSTRUCTED AND REPLENISHED PLANET EARTH. At this point in time, the Dinosaurs were killing off most other life forms including "HUMANS". The evolution of Dinosaurs and Humans were imbalanced, due to the Malevolent interference initiated by beings in opposition to the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS...this subject will be covered as we continue. These "Humans" were of the "HOMO ERECTUS" species, they had "SIX EITHER" hair follicles (straight) covering most of their bodies. Humans that existed before the Pro-Creation of Adam and Eve, developed from a ONE CELLED ANIMAL, WHICH DEVELOPED INTO A WATER CREATURE OR TADPOLE, THE ROOT SEED OF MAMMALS, LATER CALLED HUMAN BEINGS in their PRIMEVAL STATE.
    They came upon the land mass and began to develop into land creatures to GENUS HOMO, into HOMO ERECTUS. Along with the Dinosaurs and the HUMANS were the EVOLUTIONARY HUMIMS called AUSTRALOPITHECINES, and there were two forms that could walk upright. The smaller ones stood four feet tall and weighed between 50 and 150 pounds, this was the original PYGMY TRIBE, then called KISHITE. This species is from were EVE or HAWWAH came, and they had NINE ETHER FOLICLES or kinky hair. The larger of this species were 7 feet and weighed from 200 to 250 pounds,and this was the original WATUSI TRIBE then called CUTHITE and is were ADAM or ZAKAR came from, they had EIGHT EITHER FOLICLES or curley hair and the entire species of AUSTRALOPITHECINES were called HUMIMS. The animal species produced SIX EITHER or straight hair, and NINE EITHER or kinky hair is a trait of the original Evolution and of Extraterrestrial origins... to be continued...Next Bulletin: Earth's initial life forms part 2.. .Peace