Spoken Word : Earthly Love

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    Earthly Love

    Trees gently swaying in the wind, ripples silently extending on a calm stream, a leaf dancing to the harmonious song of a gentle breeze: reminds me of you
    A bright, exuberant sunset filled with a multiple number of emotions, a dark, gray sky containing clouds which are overflowing with tears of pain: you can only turn these skies from gray to a vibrant blue
    This emotion called love resides in everything that surrounds me and you: covering me like a breeze on a windy day, sliding down my back like fresh morning dew on a window pane
    As the sky turns an uneasy gray and the water begins to fall, I look out and picture your face in the patterns of the rain
    You are ever-so-clear in natures eyes, as she wears your enthusiastic smile and sings your melodious song
    As nature secretly whispers your name in every sultry summer day, I hear your gentle voice touch my ear saying: I promise, I love you, and I?ll never do you wrong
    Earthly love has now been polluted by the unearthly stupidity of man
    Contaminated by the foolhardy ways of mans warped mind corrupting the finest love of all
    Non-believers to the earthly love; will perish and die alone from their own disbeliefs
    Hypocrites to their own words; lethal storms now setting in; soon there will be no survivors
    Just pitiful mishaps; words wont change them; only death, sickness, and misfortune
    Pity now sets in; the only ones that can help them; are themselves
    How can they help themselves if their lives have been misguided and tampered with
    They are now like the remainder of a cut down tree; a stump a useless stump; but with enough sun and water that stump in time will blossom into a radiant full tree again
    I am hear and I will always be here to guide them into the right direction; but I am only but one soul
    One soul that is in touch and is one with this earthly love; that knows of its capability
    Walk beside me and I shall teach, guide, and direct you into the comfort of; EARTHLY LOVE
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    beautiful read ...........if need help to do it in spoken word
    let me know .........love to hear this cross da wave
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    and flow with us cross da mic