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    Peace and may Benevolence be your guide...
    This post is continuing from "The Mis-translation Of Genesis". Allow me to point out a very important statement made in the 2nd verse in Genesis, "The Earth was without form, and void; and Darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the SPIRIT of God (lowercase letters) moved upon the face of the WATERS".
    This verse leads one to believe that this is the beginning stages of ALL LIFE IN EXISTENCE, the truth of the matter (according to all of the scriptures and related literature combined) the 2nd verse in Genesis is describing the RE-CONSTRUCTION, THE RE-POSITIONING AND THE RE-PLENISHING OF THE ONLY SURVIVING PLANET IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.
    Question, have you ever thought about, from where exactly COMETS, METEORS AND ASTROIDS DERIVE ? This subject will be covered as we continue. This verse is also describing by association, the "AFTER EFFECTS" due to the Tremendous IMPACT Our Solar System Suffered 24 Billion years ago, which included the complete destruction of the 10th Planet (named then) "MELDECK" was a Planet of Water, inhabited by the " reptilian Species of Billions".
    Again, allow me to emphasize that this Knowledge is based on All of the Scriptures and related literature combined absent of Religion.
    This Tremendous impact was caused by what has been described as a "PLANET CRAFT" traveling at the speed of 186,272 ft per second. The Rizqiyians (the inhabitants of the Planet Rizq), are the exact same Beings/People the Greeks referred to as being GOD, God, and Goddesses also Eloheem and Angels.
    We as ordinary people are exposed to 2 kinds of Knowledge, 1:Reversed Knowledge and 2:Right Knowledge. Now, in the process of pursuing Knowledge, your first question should be: "On what do you base your Knowledge? Related literature Such as: "THE SUMER TABLETS" reveal that those of an Advanced Intelligence are named: ANU-NAQI. The name or title: "ANU" is equivalent to being the over-seer of this UNIVERSE (for lack of a better explanation) having 720 degrees of INTELLECT, 360 degrees of Benevolent awarness and 360 degrees of Malevolent awareness, also one who is ETHERIEN that are older than the Hydrogen Atom (light and all physical matter). The Greek Culture describe him as being GOD (with uppercase letters). ANU (GOD) the superior being of this Universe, has a counterpart or WIFE. Now, the word"NAQIY" is translated as being "the offspring (blood related), and the Greek Culture referred to them as Gods and Goddesses, having lesser degrees of Knowledge compared to ANU (GOD), Thus the name or title: ANUNAQI.
    It all started when those of an advance intelligence, our ancestors of OLIVE TONE skin and 9 ETHER HAIR (Rizqiyians or Anunaqi, the same) needed to protect the dwindling atmosphere of their home planet called
    Rizq (pronounced risk), located in the 19th Galaxy called ILLYUWYN (pronounced ill-leey-yoon). Rizq the 8th of the 19 planets, and was the source of that TRI-SOLAR SYSTEM (3 suns) and was the most affected by the dwindling atmosphere caused by a hole in their ozone layer , that was increasing in size. RIZQ was the only planet in that solar system that experienced continuing daylight, absent of shadow hours or Night, RIZQ is in the center of the 3 suns. The hole in the ozone layer was the result of the first conflict in the skies of the 19th Galaxy Illyuwn. Keep in mind in terms of the timeline, that whatever levels of technology we achieve, it has been achieved Billions of years prior to our developement. The Rizqiyians or Anunaqi (GOD, Gods, and Goddesses, Eloheem and Angels), needed to construct a protective DOME OF GOLD DUST in order to reflect the damaging ultraviolet rays. unfortunately their planet did not produce enough of the needed elements to solve the problem. The Rizqiyians had to abandoned their planet Rizq and travel to (then called) "KESIYL" and now called ORION, a six star major constellation, having hundreds of Galaxies. The Rizqiyans (Anunaqi) took residence in the planet and star constellations of ARCTURUS AND PLEIADES, making them a temporary home. Exploration for the Rizqiyians became necessary and on this particular route, it was destined to explore other planets that were rich in natural resources such as " Plutonium, Chlorophyll, Ammonia, Platinum, Silver and Gold.

    The next Bulletin: Earth The Sole survivor part be continued...Peace