Black Spirituality Religion : EARTH THE SOLE SURVIVOR part 2

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    Peace and may Benevolence be your guide...
    Allow me to re-emphasize the importance of having multiple sources of knowledge, and one of the sources is The Sumer Tablets or Sumerian Writings. The Sumer Tablets reveal that... Nibiru was making a routine trip, which was then on an orbit that took 25,920 years. This Tremendous Planet sized Craft came nearer to our solar system, traveling at the speed of 186,272 feet per second. This Great Planet Craft held 12 smaller crafts and is equipped with four separate atmospheres and four separate magnetic pulls. Nibiru has a crystal dome, giving "Her" the ability to break down light, is equipped with solar panels the size of pin heads that generate Billions of watts of energy. Nibiru is set up for Holographic Inter-Dimensional Transport, controlled by 144,000 crew members, headed by 24 Elite Beings of an Advanced Intelligence.
    Out of many explorations this particular exploration was destined to be different. The Great Planet Craft Nibiru had to first pass by the planet then called "EA", a Sumerian word meaning; "those whose house is of water", now called NEPTUNE. The tremendous gravitational pull, caused extreme electrical storms on that planet and caused Nibiru to wallop in "Her" orbit along with the sudden unexpected appearance of the planet Uranus, because of it's close proximity to NEPTUNE. This caused Nibiru to veer off "Her" original path and in the process of avoiding a collision with URANUS, Nibiru maneuvered without success and collided with the 10th planet of our solar system called "MALDECK". Maldeck was between MARS and JUPITER. Maldeck was 27,000 miles in diameter and had a population of Billions living under the seas, known as the REPTILLIAN SPECIES.
    Assuming their planet was under attack, four enormous fighter crafts were launched out in defense. The four crafts were launched with the intentions of destroying the Planet Craft Nibiru. Nibiru initiated it's four magnetic force fields and destabilized the four crafts from Maldeck. These massive war crafts were described in the SUMER TABLETS as the FOUR WINDS. They were trapped by Nibiru's dominating force field and were unable to escape. The four crafts are individually described in the SUMER TABLETS as; The North Wind, The South Wind, the East wind, and The West Wind. Nibiru making one complete spin, threw them off onto space trapping them in a distant magnetic field. Nibiru proceeded on moving counter clock wise from the planets in our solar system, continuing to correct "Her" orbit. Nibiru's path moved towards SATURN then called ANSHAR, colliding causing massive damage ultimately creating the Ring around Saturn of mountains and ice caps trapped in it's gravitational pull. The path of Nibiru was now bent even more towards the center of our solar system, directly towards The Planet Earth then called TIAMAT, causing catastrophic weather disturbances. One of the four massive crafts trapped in the magnetic field of Nibiru called the North Wind was lined directly for Earth, upon the impact of the North Wind it caused the Earth to split in two parts. A hole was formed by the impact of the North Wind causing the upper half of the Earth to wallop in it's orbit. The North Wind came back around due to the centrifugal force, and shattering that part of the Earth into countless pieces, creating Comets of which HALLEY'S Comet is one along with Asteroids. Many of the pieces that broke off caught fire, due to the Plutonium aboard the North Wind and is responsible for the Asteroid Belt that is in the center of our solar system.
    The East Wind another of the tremendous war crafts from the now destroyed Planet Maldek, caught in the magnetic web of Nibiru, swung around and put a hole straight through the upper half of the Planet Earth, while the severely damaged planets nearby were still wobbling in their individual orbits. Because of the tremendous impact the Planet Earth experienced, TIAMAT as Earth was called then...had turbulence and was pulled in many directions, by the two larger planets MARS then called LAHMU and JUPITER then called KISHAR on one side of the solar system and the two smaller planets VENUS then called LAHAMU and MERCURY then called MUMMU on it's other side, all pulling and tugging on a massive scale, causing catastrophic volcanic eruptions, massive floods and hurricanes effecting all of the planets in our solar system... To be continued.
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