Black Poetry : Ears Hammered With Love


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May 11, 2006
Ears Hammered With Love

Every thug goes to a heavy club try get the wet very love
Of a girl try rub and hurl the coo-chee hairs during a hug
A sincere guy is like clear sky so peaceful and calm wanna plug
My juicy coo-chee with a **** so loosely and hot are the lips
Of my thing one boy so realistic want to pull up my dress feel my hips
While he kiss it with a sprung tongue just go crazy as the mattress flips
boys flow love grammar like a blow from a hammer it strikes you
my fate in bracket my body straightjacketed with kisses he call me boo
sitting in the club committing a love act, steam fries between my thighs
“girl you a sweet attraction causing a heat action in my brain sexual highs
take place then I want cake and lace lets go home boo wanna be alone
with you” “ oh I’m a dame and my coo-chee in flames right now unknown
status faced with a grown apparatus which is a strong long **** which has flown
here from the block oh dear I get wet and hot a lots oh boo stop don’t rub it”
already been tight hugged oh he jest got my tongue right in the club love pits
a passionate situation I’m clever and cute mind strong like a leather boot
forever a fruit for a boy to toy with if they’re nice but never date a brute
I cross my legs he wanted to toss off my panties and beg for some
On my legs cum sweat oh I was so wet down there my thumb numb
“Oh boo you have a nice *** and hair” just then a blast of air blew true
Under my skirt his **** became a thunder alert he seem to wonder about
Desserts as I blunder and flirt, romance galore on the dance floor without
A doubt, listening clear as he’s whispering in my ear really wanting some
RHYME I have a world of stout pride “hey baby girl lets go outside now hums
The slow song free play by the DJ now he say “girl your hips so brown
And round you just a piece of pound cake, great to be eaten wanna drown
My tongue in your coo-chee hole” oh I didn’t know what to say felt like
A baby mama with crazy drama my emotions rose like oceans the sex hype
Grows worse his soft words coerse my silk panties just milk and candies


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