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    I sell a chinese/indonesian medicated (green) oil Eagle Brand Medicated Oil (Fong Yeow Cheng) witch is good for muscles aches and headaches. You can buy it at some chinese stores or go to;


    Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphora, Myristicae Oil .....

    I used it myself for 20 years, especially if i have an headache and i don't want to use pills, I also use it for my husband because he has a lot of backaches and i'm not gonna massage him al the time so i let eaglebrand medicated oil do the trick!


    For the relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, strains, bruises and sprains. It also relieves headaches, tooth-aches, nose complaints, cuts, sores, abrasions, burns and rheumatism.

    You can us eaglebrand for everything; in steam baths, fever, for for small cuts and for respitory problems

    Warnings: It is an antiseptic but it hurts if you put it on cuts. Don't use it for childeren under two and don't rub it in your eyes and don't take it internally.

    Last thing: because i live in the Netherlands i have some bottles with the old formula, witch is prohibbited Only in the USA by the FDA because they consider it a Class II drug and not something that should be sold over the counter. I send people living in the USA automatically the formula that is excepted in the USA.

    Thank you for reading and i hope you will visit my website!

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