Black Hebrew Israelites : EAGLE Symbolism

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    Just want to add a little bit about what I've glanced at so far about the "eagle" and "Dan" and "Judge" in regards to the book of Daniel and etc.

    Based on my past research I wonder if this could be considered:

    The EAGLE is also in relation to the CHALDEANS, descendants of Cush Ham. And the Lord called them the best empire, Golden Empire. Even though they were overthrown, they were rooted and prophecy in the book of Daniel says that they will manifest again in the last days. Terms like 'the eagles nest' correlates to their history as well as other civilizations. AbraHam [Abram] was sent in the land of Ham and his descendants bonded with them and I believe that the 'eagle' in scripture correlates to this.

    Dan- I think that this term goes way back before AbraHam and again, connects to the descendants of Ham and also way before them. I think it means and correlates to 'Judge' but other historical facts may help to understand the depth of this term.