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Oct 1, 2017
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Finally got to see this. As usual Denzel is on the top of his game. Pensive, caring yet overwhelmingly lethal. Comparing E and E2 I have to go with E as E2 was too complex to follow. Sorta reminded me of Traffic. Too many individuals on screen that eventually cross each others lives towards the final scene. IMHO unless one possesses a photographic memory or at least read the book it's very hard too keep track of who's who and what's what. I still rate it a 4. E got a perfect 5


BTW: My best Denzel flicks are

1. Man On Fire
2. Malcolm-X
3. A Soldiers Story
4. Out Of Time
5. The Siege
6. Book Of Eli
7. The Taking of Pelham-123
8. Equalizer
9. E2
10. Training Day
11. Flight
12. Deja Vu
13. Unstoppable
14. Crimson Tide
15. The Pelican Brief
16. The Manchurian Candidate
17. Ricochet
18. Courage Under Fire
19. Fallen
20. 2 Guns
21. The Mighty Quinn

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