Black Poetry : Dymolishn, Anyone? "Happily Un-Nappily: A Tale of Chemical Dependency"

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    This peace was created by a Scribe by the name of Dymolishn
    (who will hopefully join us here some day)

    "HAPPILY UN-NAPPILY": A Tale of Chemical Dependency

    "Yo' head is nappy and you don't know yo' pappy,"
    spoke my Mama before me and my siblings three.
    But we all knew who she was talking to...
    not my two rusty-butt brothers nor my baby sis Sue.

    See Sue is the youngest and got all what we call "good hair."
    My brothers' hair is kinky but my Mama don't care.
    And to top it off, Sue's a little more fair.
    "Dark-n-Lovely" is a myth, 'cause chil' I been there...
    Black sheep in the family from day number one,
    And probably will be 'til the day I'm done.

    I've seen the ground worshiped over which Sue has strode,
    And I've drudged in her shadows down society's road.
    Her wavy black tresses I have longed to have,
    for my wounded esteem there exists no salve.

    Both me and Sue's dolls...
    have blond hair and blue eyes,
    And I love "Baby Tender Love" but myself I despise.
    I dream of hair like my dolls' but I'd even accept Sue's
    God I'd give my right arm for the option to choose.

    So what I do now is tie a towel 'round my head,
    play-pretending it's my hair as we jump in bed.
    My favorite book is Rapunzel, with her long blond tresses;
    My aunts call Sue "pretty one," and only compliment my dresses.
    Not one head looks like mine on my Mom's favorite soaps,
    They awake to immaculate houses, and a world filled with hopes.

    But as my world turns, I am young and restless;
    I have but one life to give, and Lord what a mess it is.
    I'll have to search for tomorrow in indeed another world,
    amongst the bold and the beautiful--
    white boys and white girls.

    Maybe some general hospital can one day cure blackness;
    in the days of our lives, though I know what the fact is.
    I can pray all I want and wish all I might,
    But I'll be black 'til I die,
    and meet God's guiding light.

    My world seemed bleak 'til that one fateful day,
    At the age of 13 I heard Mama say,
    "Ebony get your coat, I can't take it no mo'...
    we goin' to the beauty parlor where they can help you for sho'..."
    We walked into the parlor and waited our turn,
    And as my dark cloud was lifting my thoughts began to churn.

    I was sat in a chair and draped with a cloth;
    All I could think of was hair--
    straight, shiny and soft.
    Vaseline was applied to my entire hairline,
    As visions of a new day danced all through my mind.

    With the back of a comb the relaxer was applied,
    And combed through as first me...
    then Mama sighed.
    Tiny, proud, clenched fists died to become "lifeless strings,"
    And they were tellin NO LYE when they said this stuff stings.

    Aside from that I felt fine and everything was swell,
    'til my scalp started burning like the infernal flames of hell.
    Get me to the sink and rinse it out quick!
    hittin' every nap in the kitchen never burned like this ****!

    chil' the creme needs five minutes to get the job done,
    and speaking of jobs you'll hold still if you ever want one!
    I said, "Say what you may and think what you think,
    but either rush me to the hospital or rush me to the sink!"

    To the sink I was escorted and under the water went my head.
    I kid you not--
    only minutes before I was dead!
    My hair was dried and styled--
    a mirror was held in my sight,
    Smiling I reached up to touch it thinking: "Free at last, free at last..."


    Copyright Dymolishn, 1998

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    o my Nia


    that's all i can do right now

    thanx for sharing