Black Spirituality Religion : During the propagation of God’s knowledge in the world, sometimes opposition comes u

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    During the propagation of God’s knowledge in the world, sometimes opposition comes up. How should we respond to this?

    Ans. Even God keeps silent to such opposition and therefore you need not bother about that issue. The teacher knows that a particular student will not pass even if he is taught. But the student will blame the teacher that he failed only because the teacher did not teach him. To avoid this unnecessary blame only, the teacher teaches all the students in the class. Similarly God likes to propagate His divine knowledge to the entire humanity so that no soul should blame Him in the final enquiry. You are serving God in the propagation of the divine knowledge so that no soul blames Him later on. Your responsibility ends with the propagation and in fact the responsibility of God also ends with that. The propagation of divine knowledge of Jesus is a failure if you limit the program to the span of His life only. It became tremendously successful if you consider the period extended to the present day. Therefore the failure and success cannot be decided by a short span of time.
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    There is certain knowledge that only some obtain because not all are willing to work for it as they need to. Not all are willing to have the faith they should have in the Father and the Son for the sacrifice that was made for our sins, so that they may have wisdom and salvation. Not all are willing to show true belief as they should in the Son for His works and His resurrection in the body on the 3rd day so that they may have redemption and be worthy in the eyes of the Father.

    If not all are willing to do the work, one can expect not all to share in the fruits of the work, and that is the knowledge the Father does bless His faithful to having.