Black Poetry : Drums and pumps

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    Drums and pumps

    Rhymes written and printed forbidden but represented
    invented A microphone a nice device I use to amuse the repented
    Teachers persuade me and grade me I get good marks
    hood darts thrown at domes while I play musical smart harps
    park carts at Wal-Mart most grocery shopping start after dark
    No fools here this school year and the rules clear and posted
    hosted no **** riding or smoking in boys room can get roasted
    and cited for a violation quick best walk frighten you’ve been taught
    caught fighting you get expelled the trick is to stay out of trouble
    Route do doubles in danger one argument then bricks clout and rubble
    Are thrown I’m quick no doubt to run home, don’t have the behavior of a thug
    Love classmates no major blood of gangster got a job now labor at clubs
    Some of the girls looking spoil and hot like cooking oil in hot panties
    Slop candies already fried coo-chee juicy and sweaty inside like lots of nannies
    Wanna kiss and finger fiddle fast but they middle class want cats with money
    Funny my stats crummy from the financial point of view not such a sunny
    Day from that aspect so I put girls on the back burner feel like a dummy
    Crummy my stealth status was fly but had to self satisfy myself had confused mixtures
    Used pictures from magazines, my imagination end up in plumbing fixtures
    Or boss issues on soft tissues but, like a continous sound I covered tremendous
    Bounds in the flow of education and now show devastation on jobs horrendous
    This employment stuff is crazy but I’m a tough baby my job description
    Involve Egyptian because its holy not thug bazaar but not subpar no prescription
    Drugs little smoking plus fiddle with ibuprofen keeps my joint open no pain
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    mixing it up......nice joint
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    CHARASMATIC your rhymes in general are design for criminals
    And as a fake you failed to make bail so you behind bars under minimal
    Restraint, your rhymes plans were scuffed by handcuffs *****
    I try squeeze heads like the Chinese Feds I got a Kung-Fu itch
    Your flow and pride in court no lawyer will provide support for a maggot
    why you go find men and then dine with friends **** ******?
    CHARASMATIC your rhyme clout bores and belong out doors
    With the insects you been wrecked onsite by my strong write folks ignores
    Your post this ***** is a poor host on Heavyweight lyrical my fate make wigs soar
    Like hairdressers, ***** I’ll comb your dome with pig grease your girl’a big whore
    CHARASMATIC your fraud *** is a whack broadcast on a cartoon show
    You best start to groom your flow this scrub’s funny like bug’s bunny so go
    Eat some carrots silly rabbit, got this swine spine twined around a fishing
    Pole ***** just some bait for trout this ****** can’t create he just pout, twisting
    And kissing your girl now she’s missing from your world ran away with me homey
    You a blind buster best gather your rhymes in a cluster
    And drop that slop in the waste basket just a whack buster
    And Flavor taste drastic, ***** need a nurse verse read worse
    Than a BEETLE BAILEY Sunday morning caption yet you thirst
    To be good, ***** is troublesome like bubble gum I can’t chew
    That ****, and your crew is misfits so how can you wear some FUBU?
    You do do son