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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles
You know that feeling you get when you know you're doing something naughty, and you hope no one catches you,... well the posting of this next poem is something like that. I hope I don't get kicked out of the BBS community for this


Nah', I ain't high on Crack, PCP
Heroine,... or LSD
Crystal Meth, Speed, Ecstacy
Doin' elicit drugs, Nah', thats not me
But I did take a hit of soemthing of a sexual nomenclature
Thats just as powerful and sddictive by its very nature
Has me opened and exposed to the core
Talking to my urges as I yearn for more
I'm high on p*ssy,... tw@t, c**chie, pinocha, punani
Knockin' me over like a high rise tsunami
Lifting me to new levels, higher heights, greater feats
Being indulged with warm, vaginal heat
All in my nose, the smell of vagina reeks
Transforming me from mild mannered me, to an all out freak
Smooth like Cognac in a wine gl@ss, tinted turquoise
I'm addicted to p*ssy,... my drug of choice

Ain't never been turned out to elicit drugs
Controlled substances used by both the elite and the thugs
That stuff that makes you hyper and down right mean
Got's to be honest,... I'm ain't diggin' that scene
But hit me up with some p*ssy, I'm a straight up feind
Ready to get down and dirty,... overtly obscene
Makin' me so high, I reach outta space
******' till sweat rains from my face
From the front, back, or layin' on the side
I love gettin' in some c**chie, to go and glide
Raise that leg, swivel that @ss
Lets play a game of snake in the gr@ss
Anyway I'm allowed to hit it, I'm good to go
Hittin' it at any speed, fast, cruisin' speed, or slow
The ride of a good p*ssy is smoother than that of a Rolls Royce
Just one of a few reasons that p*ssy is my drug of choice

I have no affinity to derivatives of poppy seed
No desire to take a hit of the ty bud or indo-weed
No desire to do myself bodily harm
No desire to shoot heroine up my arm
But let me get high off of a penatrating delight
As I get in some p*ssy, any day, or any night
Would I do the nasty,... I just might
Ooh, to **** on the edge, and make the p*ssy cum white
Lets play a game of rub-a-dub dub
Cleansing me of my horniness with a vaginal scrub
As I put my back into it, like a southern cotton farmer
As you swivel those hips, makin' my rod dance like a snake charmer
I'm down for stimulating the feminine floral
Be it stimuli cl!toral, or G-spot oral
Thats when I lick you, flick you, d!ck you 'till I hear an "uhh" in your voice
Sounds that I'm getting the proper high from my drug of choice

I'm not on anything that will hyper-excite my verbs
Abstanant to controlled substances and smoky herbs
I'm not tempted by a pipe and the white smoke that it brings
Not interested in getting high to the point my ears ring
I am hooked on c**chie,... to that, I'll admit
I like penatratin' it, lovin' it, ******' it; ****!!!
The feel of good tw@t is so, so sweet
And ain't nothin' like ******' a p*ssy in heat
With my tounge, I've tasted of the forbidden fruit
My head in between the legs of a woman, in her birthday suit
Doing so makes my urges far flung
Rolling around the cl!toris with my tounge
Soft and slow, hard and fast, and speeds in between
I like to ****, and be f*cked by p*ssy extreme
Calling eachother's names in a simultaneous rejoice
Symptoms and side effects from p*ssy,... my drug of choice

Written by: K-JiO
(c) 2001

Wait a minute, lemme catch my breath. breathe Coco, breathe

Be careful, some people's mental get messed/caught up from this choice of drug also. Next thang ya'kno dey be in da warpzone
Some of'em need to come with warning lables.:D

$$RICH$$, You bad lil'boy! No wonder I couldn't find you.

This flow sizzzzzzles:blob fire:

MadLove:heart: Coco


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