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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know beloved there are some among us who might feel as if all of the
    rhetoric that goes on here on the internet is useless and some what
    preaching to the dead, because most on this net where discussion take place
    has a preconceived notion about themselves as well as about those things
    that has an affect on our lives.

    There are many among us who feel as if there aren't that much difference
    between us as people and we will go on to sight the basics of life needs,
    which in my opinion does not substantiate our likeness, just our needs.

    To need something, make that something essential to Life living but to be
    like someone, is expressing a similar act of behavior and attitude and based
    on those set of facts, no, we are not all basically alike and yes we all
    have similar needs.

    The problem with Black Folks in america, the Diaspora and in Africa is that
    we are to busy trying to make us fit where we do not and that is within
    environments that is created by someone other than ourselves and being in
    such a predicament, seem to cause Black Folks to be drowning in our desires,
    taught to us by people who are not like us and it appear as if we do not
    know it.

    So I ask, is it probable to commit suicide and the perpetrator of the act is
    not aware of the act being carried out against itself?

    I do not think that is a very difficult question to answer, do you?

    The Carbon Nation is drowning and do not know it. we are committing suicide
    and is unaware of the perpetrator, all because we are so preoccupied with
    making Hue-Manity to be alike, while the evidence is saying otherwise, with
    the status of the Carbon Nation serving as that evidence.

    Each Time we make no attempt to retrieve the knowledge about our
    Blackselves, we are drowning and do not know it.

    Each Time we make claim that we are all just one Hue - Man Race, we are
    drowning and do not know it, Race determine distinction and not likeness.

    So the question is, will the Carbon Nation,the Black Race that we are,will
    we ever be privilege to Justice, Respect, Freedom and Independence by
    depending on somebody other than ourselves to give it to us and to show such
    a behavior toward us Black People?

    Such dependency of a people is a people Drowning and do not know it. So tell
    me my dear beloved, what is more desirable, treading in the water or
    swimming in it, to tread mean that you are marking Time, being active but is
    not going anywhere, with the prospect of you eventually drowning, as you
    depend on someone to save you.

    A swimmer is on the move and has charted the course and know its
    destination, so tell me my dear beloved which is more decrypted of the Black
    African Nation?

    The AfroDescendants in america is totally out of the loop of reality, well
    most of us are and what serve as evidence of that being True, is the fact we
    rather not deal with an alternative to the condition we now experience in
    america, we rather tread the america water, as we depend on america to
    supply our Needs, such is the behavior and attitude of a people drowning and
    do not know it, suicide is being committed and we are totally unaware of
    the perpetrator of the act.

    Show me a sign that things are changing for the peace of mind for the Carbon
    Nation,where we now sit in our condition in america,the Diaspora and Africa
    and I will show you a New Earth and a New Heaven and such Newness will only
    come when the Carbon Nation is sitting in an environment that we have
    created once again and is in control of, until then we are a Drowning Nation
    and do not know it.

    I have come to tear away such ignorance and to inform you of the
    responsibility we have to ourselves and that is to reacquire the knowledge
    about our Blackselve and begin once again to practice the life style of our
    Ancient Carbon African Ancestors, with the knowledge we must gain from the
    information left to us by them and we being qualified to advance it, which
    will be a sign of us thinking again.

    For us to not desire the knowledge about our Blackselves, which instruct us
    about God, Universe and Being and when practiced will cause a change in our
    environment and condition on this planet, will in fact continue us to drown
    in our ignorance and do not know it.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Nation

    Chief Elder
    African Spiritualist
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    forth da message of wisdom spoken and the reality of thruth flash
    before thy untold story i feel u on this and i hear u so well thankz
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