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    I’m a winner trapped so I entered rap and assumed a position
    After being doomed with friction doing battles they say tradition
    Melons come from vines but it’s a dumb felon to do crime, sleeves
    On my knuckles leave and chuckle about society just to reprieve
    Hope my wish come true starting to miss my dumb crew they
    Went on vacation to bring drama wearing bling in the Bahamas hey
    Dawn comes early in june it’s the worldly tune of spring and
    My thing is to survive this summer and drive a hummer with a plan
    A hustler in town wearing Buster Brown shoes that come in three colors
    Have to pay fees to brother to get them made sharp like Scatman Crothers
    Not a slob involved with a job got gravy then some not a lazy bum by
    No means and my flow clean in rap, my skull amaze with a dull glaze fly
    Because I put grease on my scalp that increase my rap with a shiny head
    Convinced my quotes produce dense smokes that get folks high and red
    Like sky embed in fire, rhymes absolute real like a mute appeal be quiet
    I see a riot no talking necessary walking stress carry hate and like WYATT
    EARP start to shoot, some love relationships are like affairs with stranded toys
    Leaving grown men feeling like barehanded boys this typ dejavu really annoys
    My heart in psychotic potions and rough like parts of the Artic ocean illiotic
    Lotions on my face now in a slow motion pace like instant replay the refs spot it
    And bring my bling back to the line of scrimmage my rhyme lineage is ill