Black Poetry : Drop the Hip Hop


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May 11, 2006
Drop the Hip Hop

In grammar I storm with conjunctions and perform functions
Such as weddings I’m getting sick of divorces I got gumptions
But my mind became worse my rhymes was reverse this nickel
And dime curse must disappear not a comedian like Don Rickles
A winner with strange crews I interchange screwballs for smarter
Folks that can come with harder quotes and make me martyr
In rap my head falter led to altars for a sacrifice because
My facts are nice there’s no crack in my life so pause
With the execution there’s a complex solution to all
Of this, got a clogged dome left the dog home alone yall
In the arena bow wow eating Purina chow so my pup is up
To bark but no bite scratching fleas no leash he’s kinda stuck
My brain exert a force while alert on course to thinking
It attract girls as facts are hurled about sex while winking
My eyes write alarm and unite charm with my rhymes
And come up with a verbal storm that twist and align minds,
Fought in the slums with guns as thoughts have become one
Aimed at escaping now lame and taking drugs having dumb fun
Use to hang out with strange folks which has changed my hopes
Their influence has rearrange my quotes now no promise in the notes
I jot down, my Ebonics are original like electronic signals they promotes
Sound waves and crown babes with kisses and digital anecdotes


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