Black Poetry : Drop It Hot

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    Drop It Hot

    Abolish crews then polish shoes with KIWI yall couldn’t
    See me with a telescope, hella dope in HIPHOP pudding
    When there’s sad behavior need to add flavor to sweeten
    Some major defeating going on rap got chumps needing
    Rhymes online yall smile it’s the call of the wild it’s clear
    Some come whack trying to use thumb tacks to pin my ears
    I bend peers over like a shotgun put my foot up butts in here
    Words were declining had to curb my rhyming out of fear
    Grip script with my teeth and rip beef with a knife that’s life
    All facts no flaws attack like jaws my art is a shark need advice
    Got a unique menu that’ll eat into steak and drink tea and spice
    Up blackeye peas no whack guy has these skills, possess twice
    The plan of average rappers got savage chapters mess is nice
    Learn scroll, keep a firm hold on books smart not a Mickey Mice
    All my text official etch my initials in acid all my pistols plastic
    Got missiles drastic like scuds rockets in Iran explode fantastic
    Rhymes make damage and take advantage of weak cats with
    Street stats, keep phat lyrics waiting for usage go that gift
    Destroy strangers if they annoy or anger me, danger to see
    Me mad eat vegetables in bulk change to Incredible Hulk G