Black Poetry : Drop Hard

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    Drop Hard

    My (rhymes extreme and shine with gleam) (flash on and
    Off got class not soft,) it’s like a (night affair that was planned
    With a bright glare) like (under the moon you” face thunder
    Soon) when it rains it pours, look my (facts renowned no blunder
    Other cats backed down as stunters,) stuff crack down on hunters
    For drugs, somehow my luck sways now-a-days all my cash dumped
    Into a gas pump become a fast chump walking around broke jumped
    By bankruptcy, a code of strife has become my mode of life pumped
    Into a mailbox, strong bill collectors are ill home wreckers can’t hide
    Face stage fright because it’s ablaze with lights and boos hurt my pride
    So I remain an able writer trying to stable my brighter future in books
    Live by streams abound in trout got teams run around and about shook
    Bold for a fishing pole try catch a mermaid, just because I wear hood
    Bling I get an abudance of good things like chances in Hollywood
    My verbs are used as words of abuse many nerds lose and crying
    Trying to battle these this stuff rattle MC’S hopes I ain’ t lying
    Comes to MC’S, these cats shook and disable need to put books
    On the table read a page before they proceed onstage many crooks
    In HIPHOP that can’trap grab heads and squeeze to put their threads
    At ease misled MC’S get dealt with, beef I marinate and eat breads
    Comes to MC’S I interrogate so the news spread I’m like the feds
    Arrest those that protest, a false interpretation can cost a nation