Black Poetry : Drop a Little

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    Drop a Little

    My art is reality marked with immorality and scrub perversion
    Leaves my blood surging now in the club urging a surgeon
    To operate on my brain to populate my mainframe with
    The gift of rap, need luck to plan a situation could be a swift
    Corrupt translation of the distinguish English language lift
    Microphones, **** hate came and contaminate my brains
    And cause my thoughts to become rotten like that lame
    Dumb cotton we picked back in the day slave stats are aimed
    At black society and a whack variety of white folks have spoiled
    Our beliefs in freedom, the constitution is not the solution oil
    Is waste in the oceans only taste the motions of success we toil
    With the power of change we tower and rearrange our paths recoil
    Look a computer is a digital storm that’ll redo the original form
    Of text and damage data, avoid quotes not in accord with hopes warm
    Dominate in romances, accommodate myself to circumstances
    Get deft chances, a girl’s lace is laid like an ace of spade enhances
    My card game got a hard on for a dame “girl what your name?” “Francis”
    I impress with my looks, need access to books even the best be
    Shook when they read the wrong pages and be on stages to see
    Renowned fame goes down the drain got playwright like Shakespeare
    And fakes fear this; best acknowledge kindness to be sincere here
    Garbage is blindness