Black Poetry : Driving Hard

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    Driving Hard

    Evaluating my theme using a calculating machine I rap
    with ease but saw a Japanese abacist literally slap the crap
    out of an American using a modern calculating machine
    a sad disaster because the Abacist could add faster and extreme
    look the Dallas Cheerleaders use to be Tom Landry dancers
    but right now getting angry answers from my friend cancers
    now lurk lame in my jerk brain not even Captain Kirk could
    explain the dang STARTREKS I see everyday all that’s good
    but to get the proper props may have to see DR SPOCK and
    so “beam me up Scottie” team with a big butt hottie is my plan
    an uplifting female hips are like shifting gales on a ship, quotes
    like boats that float with drifting sails a sinking strips my hopes
    from the cradle to the tomb must beware of my fatal doom that
    is to be destroyed as a rapper because cats avoid my chapter at
    any cost, leaves plenty lost and crying I’m a mapper with stats
    a thug to a degree and I love the sea like a sailor, type mailer
    deliver letters like a post man walks far short breath use inhaler
    My dew rag does devastation to my brain so my imagination
    Is lame but still its a weapon against reality and fragmentation
    Is a dense fatality got metal in my cerebum, did plenty party
    And anybody can become drunk only a dumb punk on Bacardi
    Would over consume, had to take some folks car keys couldn’t
    Survive alone and drive home got a blinking pager he shouldn’t
    Be drinking YAEGER MEISTER, taking straight shots a great
    Plot is to have another driver
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    like going in deep and hard love da spin on this drive