Black Poetry : Dressing Room - Collab by Natasha & Bishop


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Standing outside while you try on clothes in the dressing room
thirsting for your passion I carefully look around the room
no one can see
what is about to be
slipping in the room and closing the door
I lay you down carefully on the dressing room floor
rubbing my hands over your legs shapely as they can be
pulling off your stockings with just my teeth
The garment I brought to try on
falls to the floor as I notice your intent
I place my legs over your shoulders
allowing you room to maneuver
caressing your strong shoulders
pulling your head closer to the vortex of heat
locking you close with my thighs
I feel your hands slide up my waist
to fondle my breasts
squeezing the mounds like clay
molding them in the palm of your hands
Taking your breasts in hand I slowly begin to nibble
while I notice you bite your lower lip
I know that anticipation has arrived
slowly I begin to enter you
love shaft pulsing
as your moist cavern welcomes me in
slow and steady as a moan escapes from your lip
as I continue to nibble your nipples
until they stand firm and rigid
Gripping tight with my love muscles
we start a steady and firm rhythm
holding your mouth to my nipples
trying hard to contain my gasps of ecstasy
I can hear the sales lady approaching the door
"Ma'am are you finding everything ok?"
just as I am about to reply
you thrust heavily into me striking that G spot
"just fine"
replied in a breathy voice
you fit just right
As we both bite our lips to stifle the moans of pleasure
we are two bodies in heat
moving and driving to an ecstatic beat
beads of sweat invade our bodies
as I lift the right leg up a little higher
so that I may get in a little further
feeling your muscles tighten
faint squeals coming from your mouth
I know its about that time for the volcano to erupt
Sounds of ecstasy can no longer be contained
the beating on the dressing room doors
drowned by our screams as we reach the peak
in tandem
Bodies soaked from our passionate ride
slow short sighs of contentment
whispered in each others ear
as I cradle you in my arms
basking in the after glow
"I'll take it!" another dress has just been sold

:blob fire: :blob fire: :blob fire:
oh my....i ummmm y'all dun set the room on fire...


i'm watching y'all....



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