Black Poetry : Dressed to Kill

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    Tired of the everyday grind
    Getting off from that 9 to 5
    Decided to spice up my life
    A little bit of salsa, merengue, bachata
    It never hurt anybody

    Taking my time to slowly unwind
    Finally getting to let my hair down
    Told my girls I would meet them at 9
    That leaves 3 hours to throw on the shine

    Have to start with the milk and honey
    hot steaming bubble bath
    Soaking, letting the suds caress
    my thighs, just gotta close my eyes

    Wrapped in the plushest of towels
    I set out to curl my hair, got the rods in
    Next I lotion and rub the baby oil in
    To set my body to shimmering

    Can't remember the last time
    I pulled out the matching victoria's
    secret bra and rhinestone studded thong
    But it's gonna be fiyah under that new
    fire engine red halter- topped no back dress

    Oh man, did I OD, shouldn't have brought those
    JImmy Choo $300 shoes!
    Oh what the heck, have to splurge sometimes
    And besides, the little lock and key on stilettoes
    is quite sexy

    Uh-oh I'm running late
    So I guess its the nude face
    Just a dab of lip gloss
    Diamond tear drop earrings
    And my ever present 'D' pendant chain

    A spritz of hair spray to hold my curl
    A dab of glitter to catch stray light
    And of course a spray of "Love Spell"

    All set and ready to go
    I meet up with the girls, "Don't hurt em 'D', you're dressed to kill!"
    I smile and tell them I know, let's start the show
    Strutting and strolling and flaunting ourselves
    But I'm cool with a walk that would shut Trya down

    When I walk into the club I demand attention
    My 5'8 stacked frame is nothing to mess with
    Dancers calves enhanced by 4 inch stilettoes
    Lead to thick thighs, and curvy hips
    Beyonce' don't have sh*t on this!

    I float out to the dance floor
    breast bouncing with every step
    Sensually I begin to wind my waist
    The men all come in for a better taste

    Dance after dance only one guy catches my eye
    Never have I met a man who can
    salsa or bachata better than I
    So the challenge was on

    The intensity with which he stared into my eyes
    was like to mesmerize
    all the sounds around us dimmed and then
    there was...
    him and the sounds of Aventura's 'Romeo y Julieta'

    We danced as if we'd known each other for years
    Smoothly moving together as if choreographed
    I was so lost in 'him'
    it wasn't until 5 songs later
    I realized I had been dancing with the same man

    Thouroghly enjoying myself
    I let him buy me a drink...
    Cranberry juice with a shot of coconut milk of course

    After hours of talking and passionate dancing
    'Him', who turns out to be Carlos
    Offers to take me home,
    I accept

    All the way home he compliments me
    "You dance beautifully"
    "I love the way your dress fits"
    "Wow, those shoes are sexy, never seen them before"
    Already I could see what he was warming up for

    So when we stopped in front of my house
    and Carlos threw the car in park
    I invited him inside

    After two thug passion's and half of the Matrix
    Carlos is all over me, kissing on my neck
    Tugging at my dress and begging me

    Desperate to get him away from me
    I start talking pushing to my feet
    How quickly a good night turns on me
    This is why at 22 I can't go out
    And do the things 22 year olds do

    Cuz when they say "You're dressed to kill"
    They just have no idea how true
    23 years ago pregnant with me
    my mom thought she had the flu
    found out it was HIV, grew to AIDs
    Now I have I'm HIV positive too.

    So, as much as I would love a one night stand
    I have to much pride to infect any man
    Until I find the right one who understands
    I'll have to settle for my once in a while
    sensual salsa dance or hip hop grind
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    I've never seen a title more fitting than this one, wow the whole lay-out was Awesome.
    wonderful piece poet, it moved me.
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    wow.....cha cha ma !
    awesome scribe .........
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    Thanks for the read and the love Queen and Rich! This piece came to me while me and my girls were getting ready to go to a party.
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    Student by day, Poet by night
    This is amazing!!!!
  6. choclatangel

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    Thanks for the read Sweet Baby!