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Jan 30, 2001
The train pulled into the station
Unlike the movies
There was no smoke from which you appeared
You just stepped off the train
Plain pumps preceding lovely legs
Supporting a lovely body
A lovely smile was on your lovely face
A small carry-on bag matched your purse
The gloomy train station now became stylish
You were there
I watched you approach the main rotunda
Slightly bobbing my head with the rhythm of your steps
In a strange way
It was more exciting just watching you
Than to join you in a sweet embrace
But the growing number of morning commuters
Obstructed my view
I’ll find you
Dodging my way through briefcases, coffee and doughnuts
I came close to where my eyes just left you
In your place was a three-piece suit
Worn by a lifeless man in glasses
Pale skin replaced your ebony silkness
You were gone
I searched and searched
My heart beating faster than my feet were moving
Pain and fear etched on my face
My body drenched with sweat
Where did you go?
I screamed your name
Oh no
I opened my eyes sitting up in the same movement
The dream was over
There you were
With me
You never left



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