Black Poetry : Dream Evil

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017

alone in my bed I lay

still not able to pray

I close my eyes to a world unknown

cobwebs etched in the very fabric of my existence

alone helpless with demonic bites

viscous fangs with long stemmed dripping blood off side

slowly I walk through a vast corridor of the dead all damned

the wretched stench permeates deep from within

this is where it all began

columns of pillars in hot conclaves of the vast derision in my mind

legions of skulls fractured from the onslaught of the heavy decorum

I'm blinded by the very notion of hate filling up to the extreme

barbed wire chains with a swollen cavity of death's resolve

blackened eyes with spots filled with tombstones

maggot infested feces resonate through the duration of this place

the howls of screaming torment of weeping, wailing & gnashing of teeth

vile domain of fire escalates upon my domain

stripped from every know concept of light

a demon holds my hand taking me to this place alone

inflicts pain on my gait with vile objects of torture

just to tip my finger into water to quench my thirst

the intense heat makes me vomit & sweat

traveling ever further to embark on a dungeon with a evil grin

boils of hot lava flowing from the side of its chamber

suffering executed vile extreme

hands twisted a hernatal diseased corpse exposed

ravage in the degree of coupled intense fire

drifting further I'm alone again

yet I awake to what ?

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