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Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by divinity, Feb 23, 2004.

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    People are always saying they can't stand drama whether it be in a relationship or just in general....In my opininon drama is when someone constantly causing trouble for no reason or always starting arguements/chaos among others with no real truth or sincerty, they are just "acting" for attention and I mean is the word overrated? Everything is drama speaking your mind or feelings to a person also considered to be drama?

    What is drama?
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    My opinion of drama is when a person constantly has something to confront you about no matter how big or small the problem. I think some things can be let go. If you try to confront someone on every little thing, you'll always be argueing. No one is perfect. There are a lot of things that you should speak on, but when it get's to the point where you come home and you know that there will be some type of dissagreement just because, then that's drama. Again, don't let anyone walk all over you, but realize that you will never agree on everything. All will never be perfect in a relationship. I don't mind having someone tell me what's on their mind. Actually, I can't be with someone who doesn't. I also can't be with someone who wants to sit me down and have an hour long discussion on why I left a little orange juice in the container instead of finishing it. Just know that everytime you complain about someone, that person probably has something that he or she isn't saying about you, because they probably feel that "Hey, it's not that big of a deal" to the point of possibly getting into a heated arguement and having it escilate into more. I think you have to pick you're battles in relationships and in life in general.
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    There are some people who enjoy stirring commotion. They don't seem to be satisfied unless they are starting something, some are aware they do this and some are not.

    My best friend has a friend who thrives off of starting things. If we had a get-together with a room full of adults just talking playing cards or dominoes or eating or whatever. She decides it's too boring and will start talking ish about people. She provokes things in everyone. She'd turn the music up to the highest level it can go and proceed to dance, knowing that now no one can hear themselves talk. She is on the extreme end of causing drama, so I will not even get into the way she interacts with men.

    When I say I don't like drama I mean it. I don't take part in gossip, I don't start arguements just for the sake of arguing. I pretty much am easy going. If it appears as though someone I'm around is pointing at people and then talking loudly about them for no reason at all...I'm bailing!

    Sadly some people only know DRAMA and that is just how they are used to living.
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    Drama ......good question !
    to me it's when folks just wanna start into you or someone
    no matter what it takes this drama when they fuss about anything
    or want to control something drama can be many different things
    and cause all kind of trouble .
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    I agree with the above comments
    as well...
    I believe some ppl just love it.
    It’s the only way they know how to communicate
    and live, taken little things and makin them big,
    when it was nothing in the first place
    I know a few ppl who respond better to drama
    an it is shame to say if they used less drama they wont be
    misunderstood as much...just my view

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    social worker...
    divinity this is a good question... :teach:

    and i think you put the right devenition of it from what it is and what it is not...

    i was just thinking about that video of joe...(that r&b singer )
    where this couple is arguing....

    and when he says to her that she is dramatiziing things ....and i believe she say,s sumthing back like you bring the drama to you,rself or sumthing..

    i also agree that there are a lot of people who just starting to fight and fuss out of nothing ,or that there is sumthing is bothering them but are afraid to tell or show what is realy going on in their mind or stead of that they express it in another carrymonet said Put the music loud...
    you know ....i withness this a lot of time with little children and than we try to learn them that is ok tell what is realy going on...

    I also know that there are a lot of people using the word drama avoid
    confrontation, or to cover up things they rather dont talk about...

    I think the most inportent thing is that if you are standing in front of god..
    as far as fearing him knowing he is aware of youre actions...

    You and only you will know if you dramatizing things or not....

    you will always feel like ...."".mmmm was that necesary "" .....

    or """mm No i didnt express what was realy bothering me""

    or """ yes it was necerary that i told her or him this...and expressed how i feel or feld""

    Only you will know ...

    for example its funny cause this happend today......

    i was walking my way up to here.....

    and i passed this group of woman ...
    and one of them was screaming out loud and verry angry...
    and others were holding here ..

    a group of people were passing by including me...

    and people were shaking our heads like....

    ""drama drama ......""'

    but what do you know about this woman....?

    maybe she just found out that her mom died?

    or maybe she found out that her sister is sleeping with her husband ...

    cause they were talking in another language...

    maybe she lost het child....

    and other feelings came up....old feelings..

    Than i continued walking and i past this old man and looked at him..
    and said ...."'well yeah these things gets only more dramatic if more and more people continue looking and staring and dont do anything about it..or try to hush it or pray"" and than he said.......""yeah and maybe its just confrontation after a long time and you may not always,s agree with eachother ......well thats life "" ""right "" i said and smiled and continued walking...

    The word drama coms from ....


    If i notice a drama King or drama queen....(cause thats what they call it)

    i always go and ask........ (and i hope they do that to me to if they see me as one)

    ""hey whats up .......

    how are you doing.......?

    how are you realy doing?? (now be real honest with me cause i see throug the fake thing)

    you wanne talk about it.........

    than they go :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

    :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

    what the ? :censored:

    how does she ? :censored:

    well now youre asking ... :uzi:

    Well i .....
    and than they start telling .... :crying:

    after that ....

    Drama king /queen.. joins the table or puts the music down enjoys the dancing....

    and realises ""we all people......"'

    and we all have our things....

    we all sinners...

    we all go trough drama....

    but we are not alone..... :teach:

    and we can help eachother...

    with gods love...

  7. Akilah

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    Da' Gump
    Amen Sister Liberty Lady ....

    Much Peace,
    Akilah :spinstar:
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    I agree with much that Libertylady had to say, particularly this quote:
    "I also know that there are a lot of people using the word drama avoid
    confrontation, or to cover up things they rather dont talk about..."

    My take on this, is that some people only consider it to be drama, when someone else has been mistreated or has issues they want to raise. Let something happen to them personally, then it's a no holds barred, constant barrage of rantings and ravings. And no one had better even hint at the fact that there could be even an inkling of drama in it. There's no actual gauge to measure what affects a person, although if you know the person well enough, you have an idea of whether they are hurt or not.
    Now, folks who just like to start arguments, and talk about people simply because they are bored, those are true drama kings and queens.
  9. ReRe

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    Apr 23, 2004
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    Drama is when there is constant chaos in your life and you're sittin' back wonderin' why.

    Drama is when one constantly spreads rumors, speculations, and outright lies about someone else's business.

    Drama is when people are always concerned about the affairs of others and adding their two cents to an issue that doesn't concern them.

    Drama is when one always feels the need to repeat what is said, even if that information could be very hurtful.

    Drama is when people feel compelled to slam others because of their need to feel validated; which is secondary to their low self esteem.

    Finally, drama is when people likes to disturb things, or get things started just for the heck of it.
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    I believe it's when everything in life, great or small, is made into an unnecessary commotion. People who love drama cannot let a day go by whereas nothing is yelled about, gossiped about, or conflicted upon.

    There is drama that won't be avoided, but when one brings it about into their own life because life to them is too drab without it, one needs to gain a better understanding of what life really means and question why they feel such a way.