Black Poetry : drama queen


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Apr 6, 2001
New Jersey
i would like to apologize
to all my friends and family
you see
i have been absent

for two long years
i have not been present
only been here physically
posing actually
as a drama queen

a basket case
wreaking havoc within my own life
(because life begins in the womb)
and who's to say the womb is not connected
to the brain
insanity reigned over me

i was lacking spiritually
lost my integrity
ran around crying continually
tried the prozac, paxil, wellbutrin,

didn't help me
the drama queen had a hold of me
and i was trying out for an oscar you see
i've lost my sexuality
where is the me within the me

she's been here all along i see
quietly sippin on herbal tea
waiting for the drama to cease
and the sister who everyone has known for years
stepped right in and dried her own tears

and just as suddenly as she appeared
the drama queen stepped to arrears
the sun is shining once again i see
and happiness is a part of me
so once again, my apologies
for those of you who really missed me


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