Black Poetry : Drama Queen

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    Home is where the heart is, but my heart isn't her
    u got that 100% fool mentality
    50% of the time ur hatin, 50% of the time ur nasty
    dont get mad, thats just whats been presented in ur personality

    run around bein loud, talkin messs, tryin to fight
    lookin for a crowd to impress, but they keep walkin by
    actin ignorant, dancin everytime u hear a beat, puttin ur booty in skirts that dont fit
    talk too much, like ur innocent, like lookin skeezy is neat, gossipin, ya need 2 quit

    puttin ur body on guys, contacts in ur eyes, nothin goes past ur thighs
    and have the nerve to call other girls hoes
    very insecure, not sure of urself, not pure enough
    able to be, but ur always actin gross

    cant stand to see others succeed cuz ur mind is stuck in greed
    ur heart pleeds to be seen with the people u cant stand, but feen
    make plans to destroy and somehow always there to annoy
    have no friends, just associates cuz u play with people like toys

    ur life is substantial
    ur world's not natural
    u've got a heart and a soul
    dont let ur pride and ignorance take control

    turn into a beauty queen instead of a drama queen