Black Spirituality Religion : Dragon of the Sea and Table Mountain

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    According to African legend, Tixo(God of Sun), and Djobela(Earth Goddess), conceived Qamata who created the world. But the Great Dragon of the Sea was so jealous that he fought with Qamata to try and stop him forming dry land. In the battle Qamata was badly crippled, but the Earth Mother Djobela came to his aid by creating four mighty giants to guard the far corners of the earth. Djobela placed the biggest and strongest giant at the gateway to the south where Cape Town now lies.

    After many terrible battles with the great Dragon of the Sea, the giants were killed one by one. But before they died, they requested that the Earth Mother turn them into mountains, so that even in death they could guard the world. And so, the greatest giant of all - Umlindi Wemingizimu - became Table Mountain, the watcher of the south.

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