Black Men : Dr Tyrone Powers

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    Dr. Tyrone Powers is an expert consultant to several legal teams on criminal law and civil court procedures concerning civil rights violations; legal, public and agency policies; and police ethics and practices.

    A Sociologist in the field of Justice, Dr. Powers finished his Doctoral Dissertation at American University, "The Decline of Black Institutions and the Rise of Violent Crime in Urban Black America - Post Integration (1998)." At American University, he earned a dual Ph.D. in Sociology and Justice. He was a Maryland State Trooper for four years and a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for ten. Dr. Powers is also an historian and an inexhaustible reader - recounting the historical and legal events impacting the progression of American culture in law, legal policy education and social reform. His lectures are received around the world - inciting listeners to research history, and gain a thorough and accurate knowledge about the law. His audiences include criminal justice professionals and students as far-reaching in diversity as Yale University to Montego Bay, Jamaica.