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    Live Internet Radio Discussion With Dr. Rosie Milligan

    Join Dr. Rosie Milligan and her Co-Host, radio personality Mr. Keith Swanson-----LIVE! Tuesday January 12th, 2010 from 10-11 AM Pacific Time.
    Special Guest: Dr. Claud Anderson of the Harvest Institute

    Why You Should Get Involved With The Black Indian Issue

    Learn How This Issue Impacts You And Your Next Generation!
    Time is of the essence to press the Committee and/or Congressional Representatives responsible for resolution of the Cobell v. Salazar $3.4 billion settlement in favor of The Five Civilized Tribes and Mississippi Choctaw.

    Did you know Indian Freedmen are the only Political Group actively demanding Reparations, Re-compensation and Economic Remedies for African Ancestored Tribal Peoples based upon 1866 Treaty Entitlements.

    We need you to pass this message to everybody you know

    Join in the dialogue and make your comments, call 310-928-7733 or email your question or comments to [email protected]
    To listen to the show, log on to and listen LIVE!

    Dr. Rosie Milligan

    Dr. Rosie Milligan—Nationally Acclaimed Author, Lecturer & TV Personality.

    Don't forget to get a copy of Dr. Milligan's newest book "Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple.
    Dr. Milligan has released two new CDs of her radio interviews on :
    "Prelude to Romance and Finance in Adult Relationships : A no-holds-barred dialogue that women don't want men to hear. She empowers men to put an end to the manipulative inappropriate behavior of women who ruin their life.

    "Prelude to Romance and Finance in Teenage Relationships: This is a must listen to for every parent and guardian. You will be shocked to learn what teens feel about romance, sex and finance. Boys will learn the dos and don'ts when dating, realistic and unrealistic expectations from the opposite sex. Dr. Milligan is answering questions that grandma thinks the teen should not be asking---fathers think the mothers should answer: mothers hope she will never have to answer these questions---schools think these questions should be answered by the parents and the church think that talking about sex is not an appropriate discussion for church.

    Log on to order your book or call 323-750-3592
    Take a look at Dr Rosie's other websites: This is her shopping mall. This is a site to book travel, hotel and rental car.
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