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Dec 7, 2013
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They knew what they were doing when they captured this being. Unfortunately for them, the innerg still remains in the cosmos and is more relative than it was before. Alignment is coming

Appreciate the shared data

Peace UBNaturally, as we all know, most of our profound leaders are either dead or incarcerated, however N*****S like me are still around propagating ... and you are welcome very much... Peace.


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I really hat to break up the Malachi Z bash, but do ya'll really know about this case and what happened? It doesn't appear so. With that said:


Why did the government transferred Dr. Malachi Z. York to 10 different prisons after his arrest on May 8th 2002?
According to Nuwaubians the government conspired to incarcerate Dr. Malachi Z. York. Moving him from several prisons was one of their way to keep him unprepared for his defense. In an interview with Dr. Malachi Z. York, he stated that his legal papers were in constant limbo during the transport from one prison facility to another. He also stated that his lawyer never came to see him and that they only sent representative of the law firm of Ed Garland. And according to Dr. Malachi Z. York this representative of the law firm of Ed Garland was only asking questions about religion and Dr. York's so called belief. Dr. York felt that this information was not relevant to his case and that he did not receive a proper representation.

The Nuwaubians felt the need to hire a new lawyer for Dr. Malachi Z. York. The Nuwaubians chose Adrian Patrick to present him. So due to an overwhelmed evidence and information for this high profile case, Adrian Patrick needed more time to prepare. At this point he had only 17 days to prepare for the trial. He requested a continuance from the judge. Not a surprise to everyone the judge denied his request for more time. And the judge even goes as far as appointing Manny Aurora who worked for the Garland Firm. Although Dr. Malachi Z. York no longer wanted to be represented by the Garland firm, the judge forced a member of the Garland firm to join Dr. York's legal team.

According to Dr. Malachi Z. York, he was tortured in these prisons and denied of his medical needs. As he was going through these extreme environments he was assured that the other three women that were arrested with him on May 8, 2002 were experiencing the same inhumane treatment. And so in the middle of this stressful situations he was told by his lawyers from the Garland Firm that the best thing for him to do was to plead guilty. And that's why Dr. Malachi Z. York pleaded guilty under duress. The defense team and the prosecution team made a deal that if he pleaded guilty that they will set the three women free and he would receive 15 years maximum in prison time, even though the prosecution did not have a shred of evidence.

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