Black People : Dr Leonard Jeffries, A True AFRIKAN HERO!!!!

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    Well, I guess this is a Brother who wont kiss the so called Jews behind! Many not from the east coast do not know of this GREAT EDUCATOR! Oh and HERO!! Please research his bio. Our brother has paid a dear price indeed for standing tall against the DIRTIEST of Caucasions!! Now, I was at CCNY when he was called every dirty name. folks even questined his credentials, his resume etc... ALL orchestrated by the Dirt Money Changers! Yes sadly with help from BOOT LICKIN KNEEGROS! Yes, the same ones who helped finance SLAVERY! Helped bankroll the filthy DUTCH in South AFRIKA! etc... And YES these are the same ones that are being courted and such fine things are being said about! Know your history!:wave: