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    Beloved Qg Queentswana, please see if Dr. Hitman will read the below link, and will he elaborate on the subject (MENSTRUAL Cycle).


    Dr. Hitman

    1. Waistline:

    I Beet crushed
    2 tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil
    1/2 of lemon

    Is the above correct?

    You did not mention, how often and how long one should take this, and will it interfere with other medications one is taken?

    When can result been seen?


    We are Energy.

    2. If our Original root is in our DNA/Bloodline, and we have mixing unions with other races and blood transfusions, how does that affect the originality of The Black Afikan?

    3 How worse off health wise is black people when they intermix with other nationalities?

    4. Blood transfusions: What is the disadvantages/advantages of having a blood transfusion?

    a. Has there been any reports from those who have had blood Transfusion, people saying that they now have different taste buds, desires for food they did not like before a blood transfusions, or even the taste their blood donor have?

    b. Has it been documented that people who have blood transfusions began to think different, like perhaps the blood donor, even if the blood door is not known to them, they just do.

    c. How extensive is the research on the person donating the blood is done?

    e. With all the different bloodlines running through black people veins, and the different blood lines running through the donor veins, does this cause any conscious/subconscious confusions after a bloodline transfusion?

    f. When a black person needs a blood transfusion, is another black person sought to donate the blood, or just anyone blood will do?