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May 16, 2002
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Dr. Ernie Smith - Ebonics and The African Tongue
One African-centered linguistic paradigm argues the primary language of most descendants of
enslaved Africans in the United States is not English but an African language. The language is called "Ebonics."
Our language is key to our development and progression internationally as a people. If we don't know our language how can we properly define the struggle for younger generations? Words have power within them and that's why we must know our words to elevate ourselves! video - 9 mins

Thank you Brother @OldSoul - I loooooved this!!! :)

I listened to the first video, the 9 minutes and I will have to listen to it all!

Awesome stuff!

"The linguistic continuation of Africa."

Dr. Ernie Smith

Ebonics and Dr. Ernie Adolphus Smith toward A comparative and Holistic Paradigm in Black Linguistics

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