Black People : Dr. Boyce Watkins : Charles Barkley "An ungly combination between ignorance and arrogance"


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Sep 12, 2009
"He [barkley] is an ugly combination between ignorance and arrogance. It's one thing to be ignorant. It's
one thing to not know something. ... When you're ignorant and arrogant, that means that you not
only not know shnit, but you don't even know shnit about the shnit that you are talking about. But
you are confident about that shnit".


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Aug 27, 2010
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Civil Eng.
why do we take creatures like this seriously?

We don't, but there are those that like blacks that side with them. And when you become the "go to guy" for the black perspective, it can give you a big head. Look how the white media paraded him and Bill un and down the media hwy after they sided with the Zimmerman verdict. Which is kind of sad because it's that same media that is hanging Cosby in the press.



Aug 18, 2013
Are we saying that Charles Barkley didn't make a conscious choice? I almost feel sorry for Charles the way the so-called Dr. approaches it.

Charles Barkley is a scum bag like most of the Black Elite. The income stratification between Elite Blacks like Charles Barkley and the poor Blacks is like 200 times the world's highest. The White Supremacists knew what they were doing when they created a token, house negro class of Blacks with enormous wealth that they can't, they don't and they won't dare spend it to assist in the development of the Black Community. Let save its for showing off and tax breaks. But the issue with the Black Elite isn't they that don't help in the development of their people but they do antagonist stuff like what Charles Barkley does. When is the last time Charles Barkley walked down the straight like Michael Brown in a poor Black, high crime neighborhood while an army of racist Cops like Darren Wilson patrolled and inflicted harm on these Ferguson people almost at will? It is evil to slander others who are fighting for their rights as human beings. These people are fighting for justice as they are tired of being afraid of these racist White Supremacist cops.

But Charles Barkley isn't the only culprit amongst the often treacherous Black Elites. Al Sharpton and his Boule bunch come in and took over these local people's struggle and turned into a no where movement. How in the hell do we keep changing the law? Nothing wrong with the law. It's clear former Officer Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown for no reason other than murder. To lower the Federal requirement for the Feds to take over local cases is absurdity. Al and Obama concocted this nonsense after Obama threatened Blacks there unhappy with the corrupt unjust grand jury decision to observe the rule of law. Well Mr. President schooled in constitution law the U.S Constitution gives the people the right to overthrow corrupt and tyrannical government. The Constitution supersedes any law made by any state as all states before entering the union agreed they would observe the Constitution as the highest law in the law. Point is Obama is a punk and is cowering down to White Supremacy by not activating Federal power in the continuance assault upon Blackmen by White racist Cops.

To prove the cowardice look at how they quickly apologize as two cops got shot in NY and the Police Commissioner blames the protests and Pres. Obama and Al for stirring up hatred against Police. Rev. Al had the slain victims families apologing and sending gifts to the officers families for a matter that they didn't invent. Now Obama can't be found they say hiding out from White people. There's articles written about his cowardice on the internet now. Look at this, good cops are paying the price for those crooked racist murderous cops who disgrace the uniform and kill unarmed citizens. It is cowardly worldwide to shoot a man unarmed outside of war and without a serious crime in progress. No people in the world would put up with that not even these Krackers who Obama and Al are bending over backwards for. Yes, we've all seen what White people will do when upset they don't give a dang about no rule of law. So what now? Punk out and bully Black people for even protesting their human rights to live? No one has a right to kill anyone without a just reason and every person deserves a fair trial. These men and children were executed and never had a trial and no any evidence that they even committed a crime.

But stop the nonsense and join the cause of Black independence. Charles Barkley is scum and isn't worth several threads that I 've seen here. But nice drop tho.


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Feb 4, 2013
Barkley literally gave you a disclaimer from the beginning. He said he was not a role model.
He represents himself and only that.


Aug 18, 2013
I don't care about Charles Barkley I've never liked Charles Barkley as a NBA player or a person. When I dislike someone it is for good reason for I think you should be able to like everyone. But when a person chooses to make himself the destroyer of others whether for money, fame or power they are trash human beings to me, full of hate or gross disrespect of life. Do you know traitors are in the same category with murderers and rapists? Black people in America are such house Negroes and outright traitors that you can define Charles Barkley as just him doing him. But slandering other Blacks protesting for justice and aiding the cause of the enemy to define them as violent law breakers who hate the Police isn't wickedness of the highest order to anyone of you?

Maybe yall are just numb to all the slander and envy that occurs under White Supremacy culture. I mean people in America think it's okay to talk about anybody negatively and that's freedom of speech so it's a right. To lie on someone is okay. To call someone an ugly name. Or talk about them behind their back. In Africa they see this for what this is, "Witchcraft", we all send out energy and when you sent out negative energy to destroy someone that affects them or the environment around them it's darkness and evil. Return to your traditions. Repent of your evils.

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