Black People : Dr. Barbara Sizemore - Black People Still Don't Get It (Part 1 to 3) 3)


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Aug 27, 2010
The Third Plane of Existence
Civil Eng.

Thanks you for these videos bruh... Can you imagine if we had a national bank account and each one of us donated $1 to it per month? Check this out.

BLACK BUYING POWER: Recession and Resiliency

Despite the severe impact of the Great Recession, Blacks’ economic clout continues to energize the U.S. consumer market. The Selig Center estimates that the nation’s Black buying power will continue its dramatic rise — $316 billion in 1990 to $600 billion in 2000, to $947 billion in 2010–to $1,038 billion in 2012, and a projected $1,307 billion in 2017.



Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
I agree. Do you recall long ago when I made a thread saying that we should have schools to teach our own? Also we have to look at reality, we are the product of the old, passing their knowledge along to us. This generation doesn't have that, I've seen several people view our history as being boring and depressing. So they choose not to learn it; but look at their lives? It's a reflection of not knowing it and they are the very people this sista is talking about. Many of us is content with sending our kids off to school and letting the school system do what ever job they wish to do. When my kids come home, they have school again. They learn the things they should have learned in school that day. I say home schooling is the best if you can do it, but it's not for ever child because we are not monolithic when it comes to learning.


Yes, I remember that conversation Enki, it was a hit. Correct, this generation lacks a sense of purpose and black information. Hats off bruh, you and the misses are doing a good job backing up the school system with real knowledge...

Peace In,


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