Black People : Dr Amos Wilson - How White Society promotes Violence in the Afrikan Community

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Keita Kenyatta, Apr 3, 2012.

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    I posted this because of the reality of our people killing our own people. I posted this because the majority of our people can only see the effect, which of course is the killing of one Black person by another Black person. We see the effect without ever questioning why, what, when and how we or our children are able to commit such acts. We react to the effect as if the effect just came out of no if it is an effect that does not have a cause to it. Until we are able to understand the cause of what is going on with our children, our people and the acts of violence that they may commit, we can not possibly address the effect.

    If I'm sick, I need to know why I'm sick, what made me sick, when I acquired this sickness and how I'm going to heal myself from this sickness. If I do not have this information regarding my sickness, I will not be able to heal myself. So for all of those who profess to being tired of the death and destruction that we are doing to ourselves, that our children are doing to themselves...this video becomes a must watch and understand video.