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    Broadcasting Industry Gossip 12/28/07

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    The Broadcasting industry may sound like fun and party time to the listener but to the people that work day to day, the broadcasting industry is a ruff and tumble life. There so much drama going on behind the scenes it will make you laugh , cry and say what the heck.

    Doug Banks gone

    On 12/21/08 , it appears Doug Banks left the building. Bank's morning show must be gone as far as syndication is going. Banks did not renew any of his contracts for the morning show. At this point time, there is rumblings about Doug Banks returning but as a mid day or drive time show. The cast and crew may not be the same.

    This may be explain a rumor that allegedly DeDe McGuire's car was taken. It appears McGuire may need a man now or she has a lot free time to chase one down. As for the comic side kick Rudy, he was reporting seen outside of Jokes on Us night club in Laurel ,MD. I hope he knows the club is closed. Marcy the sometimes asleep under paid engineer status is unknown.

    Well , we hope McGuire is not back at her moms house because family members are your worst supporters in times like these. You know with stuff like, “:We told you to not give up that good job answering those phones”. ******************** personally does not know what Rudy's job was on the show. It appears that he was just some ole home boy of Doug. Marcy will more then liking be ok. ABC radio move engineers or interns around all the time.

    Herkules of WPGC in dc won a sexist radio host contest. With a name like Herkules, you know he is short. I cannot help to think of that Eddie Murphy movie. Well , Herkules will jump to a station near you soon. He is also featured on BET from time to time.


    KJ Bland of WMKS in GreensBoro, NC won the female area of sexist radio host. It appears KJ Bland got some nice lip glosses is poppin lips if you know what I mean.

    Radio One

    Although Radio One is the community radio, it appears some major layoffs my come in 08.