Law Forum : Double Standard-White Privilege or Both? The Matthew Bernard Story

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Oct 1, 2017
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White triple murder suspect Matthew Bernard chases several White police officers after viciously choking White man in parking lot.




White po po: Turn loose that man before we drop you!!!!!!

Bernard: I'm naked and you cant shoot a naked man who's choking another man to death

White po po: That don't cut no ice with me, now turn loose of him NOW!!!!!

Bernard: You old fart have you not noticed that I am White?

White po po: Okay boys holster them guns.

Matthew Thomas Bernard 0_1567110096313.jpg_16233040_ver1.0_640_360.jpg


Now after all this the addle brained boy frolics behind (Let's just call it for what it is) chases a heavily armed White SWAT officer and the White SWAT officer runs away to spare the confused one unnecessary bodily harm. Maybe like Dylann Roof being afforded his last meal as a free boy Matthew Bernard will be taken to Ross to go on a shopping spree. Ya think?

Attention all Black men: If for any reason you find yourself having to flee from White cops irregardless of the circumstances like completely unarmed Black Walter Scott who just "ran" from White ex-cop Michael Slager, kindly disrobe completely and you may get to live like White triple homicide suspect Matthew Bernard. Hmmmmm ya think?

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