Black Poetry : Doomed to Rhyme

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    Doomed to Rhyme

    It all starts at Walmart search for goods too much hood
    Up in here he done a quick stare chicks everywhere should
    he ask for a date? Sometime he combine wine with water
    make a mix drink he fixed in the sink, so out of order
    wanted the flavor of love but with the behavior of a thug
    girls wouldn’t take a chance a fake romance can really drug
    their future, and if he come with random quotes he may as
    well abandon hope they’ll see a bore so before he rap jazz
    must plan his words and expand his verbs come hardcore
    so from here it must become clear that a boy must score
    for a date, fear enters his mind dinner on the line he adore
    her lips, couldn’t ignore her hips the sweat on her thighs
    was like wet pies thick and soft can lick it off mind flys
    her watch made a ticking sound while he was tricking around
    with love talk he said “ look boo your body wet and dazed brown
    yet amaze and it’s set ablaze by love talk girl no fatal doom just
    got a bagel that bloom a baby cradle would be in tune with the dust
    we’re gonna leave in the room from the mattress, fire and collision
    like an umpire’s decision love require vision and girl I’m a pigeon
    your menu is fly and I continue to try for your love boo lets go to
    the ghetto and be home alone just us and Black Berry phone boo
    won’t play games even though you a stray dame we’ll stay and
    Remain on the loveseat listen to a club beat while I rub your feet
    Got a foot fettish and I’m shook on your lettuce girl so sweet
    Body all cream we can go to Walgreen and buy ice cream at
    Dairy Queen”, “well player I got a true flirt wearing a blue skirt but
    I think you wanna do work smell my perfume and fell doom cut
    The crap maybe my strut perhaps had a little to do with you cumming
    Like this” “yeah girl your terrific flirt is like scientific work rumbling
    Through your laboratory, vocab is the story lets invent some stuff
    Take me home let me stay long an dlike Trey Songz huff and puff
    I think I invented sex
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    whewwww! goodness
    what an invention
    now gotta master it