Black Poetry : don't settle! for less

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    Yo i was taught by my beautiful mother

    that no one is perfect and that you 2 serve God by serving others

    so **** people who did the devil a service

    and made this ugly ducklings feel worthless?
    cuz God made me us his image,
    so how u gonna tell me that each 1 of my imperfections aint perfect!?!?
    and that my dream girl isnt walkin this earths surface.
    But before I get 2 that ima speak on my past
    see the girls who didnt last,

    the best assets they had was an ***
    And i know that thinking is trash
    but its hard 2 take it slow when even the girls want it fast....
    but u see sin created in sun is destroyed be for dark

    so i guess in more ways than 1, we was ****** from the start ...

    but I still loved hard as cement thinkin if I kept if em wet, i could smooth out the cracks
    but even when they sliced skin from my shoulders blades theyd never have my back

    and i'd clench my fists but theyd never leave my waist

    even when tho she threaten 2 claim rape, and had the cops in my face

    but with not a scratch on her while my body was slaashed

    plus im white she was black so who u think they took......yup her dumb ***!

    and i joke but some men laugh when they mean 2 cry

    and i just want the missing rib that was pulled from my side

    cuz what's crazy is after all that i stttiiiiilll took her back...

    i guess i was lost in some Beautiful black hole
    but not one in outter space...the one below the navel...
    And I was willin and able 2 leave, but all insecurities do is mislead
    cuz someone did the devil a service and they made this ugly ducklin feel worthless?

    but God made me in his image,
    so now i live like each day like each imperfections is perfect?!!

    and my dream girl is walkin this earths surface.
    and somewhere she's is askin a man for truth and he's tellin her true lies
    she thinking he's prince charming but thas a devil in disguise

    He doesn't work because holdin her Back is a full time job

    he tells her 2 shut up cuz her voice must sound similar 2 the God

    and his hate is refueled by death, sex and hoes so.... he just turns on his ipod...

    and he doesn't love her but he trys 2 sex her every night

    cuz thas the only way he'll ever know what heaven feels like,

    But I can't protect her..thats her journey
    i can only stand her and let a little piece of me die
    hopin that she takes pride
    knowin everytime she felt pain so did i
    cuz to hurt her is 2 break a rib from my side
    Cuz she is my rib.....
    She is my queen, that will birth my kid

    she is my heart that alot of woman have touched but none have ever took

    she is my hope like the untied shoe lace on dr. kings left foot (think about it)

    and even if her tears cured testicular cancer

    no matter how hard they asked me to try

    i still wouldnt have the balls 2 make her cry

    And I could careless in the end is she's been with other men

    What's gonna kill me is if she's a virgen on our honey moon night

    and she gives me that gift that no man has ever touched in her life

    and whats suppose be so amazing
    suddenly doesnt feel so right

    cuz as a boy i gave that gift away without even thinkin twice

    unknowingly men **** jus to fit in
    cuz we not considered man unless we "hittin".
    bIg ears, so i Listined
    while the devils smile glistned

    and im not filled with regret but im still upset

    i didn't wait for a woman who could here me spit a rap
    and be like "baaabe..that **** was whack!"

    didn't wait for a woman who woouldnt curse my name In Vain, jus because her period came...

    a woman whos smile could heal me from with in,
    strong enough to lift up my chin,

    when the weight of the world sits on my mind
    and i wouldn't hesitiate 2 remove my spine
    just 2 prove 2 her at anytime,... id bend over backward

    and to make up for my ignorance their is no corny suprise i woouldnt try

    everytime we went store id remind her 2 scan her right wrist
    no beep...... proving again and again that my wife is priceless

    and if the eyes r the windows to the soul then she's the windex clearing the view,

    allowing people 2 see the real me more clearly than God could even do

    and jus incase she's in crowd and listening
    im so sorry im late ....
    cuz white people r usually early if not on time
    but being raised by a black woman musta had me in a cpt state of mind
    but God was moldin me the waay I mold rhymes
    and even tho someone made this ugly duckling feel worthless
    you gave me purpose,
    im jus glad we both didn't settle for anything less than perfect.....
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    you have to be you

    perfection is an awfully high standard

    without room for failure

    but nothing wrong with trying to do your ultimate best

    leaning towards perfection with room for tweaking

    yes there should be some standard i believe

    that just shows more about what you're about

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    Perhaps we end up choosing someone whose imperfections don't make us cringe, and whose good qualities make us love all the more. This is one of those pieces that makes one think about their own situation.
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    BUSINESS owner
    u said it all here nice joint