Black Relationships : Don't See Myself Marrying A Black Woman

I Don't see myself marrying any other then a Black woman !

when i picture myself outside who i am and where i came from it would be
a disgrace , it's been to me that we strive outside from our black women because
we afraid to stand up to what these strong minded women have but settle for what
i think is a Trophy wife who will bend at your feet .

It's true that some sisters are wilder then others when it comes to clubs or outings
but we have to look at it from another side of the coin why these women are this way

I can't have it any other way .......I Love our beautiful black sister queens

so his point is what !
I honestly agree in pt.1 of the series that Black women do express an attitude
beyond compare because most is very out spoken but still just as lovable, this
wouldn't force me outside my race but spread my search for betterment in a black
woman, sometime we bring the wrong approach to our sisters , in the same case
black men will speak to another race differently and use a total different approach
why is that !
from what i seen and heard is they look at these other women as some higher class
this why so many of our black women as so hostile.

Pt.2 of the series
It's true that more often then any black women will come break a black man's back
rip him apart and discredit him instead of building him up at the same time where these
other race of women is just as bad with the silent treatment of not saying at all , we as men
have place'd this kind of reaction in the hearts of many of our black women by broken
homes / not stepping up / being fatherless to our children / disrespecting our sisters
and many other countless acts but when we enterface with other races we act as if we
have some kind of I.O.U thing to them
why can't we feel the same toward our sisters!

where i disagree comes with the facts that black men just stuck in a mold and seek
reasons to go outside when it was black men who force black women liberation

not least when we come home from a long day i agree our women don't cater to us
like you see other race women do , but look at it this way Blacks come from a different
creed under a different umberella we had to face and still is a struggle from birth fight off
a self stamp lable as blacks or people of color or darker shade of skin through history
and well known facts we have treated our women badly not all but most so they now
have become and learn to be more defensive .

I still can't see why we should turn the other cheek and leave our race
we have the most beautiful well hooked women who can be the back bone to our men
if we let them and give them a respectful piece of thy self .

when he sum it up the reasons is truely a reverse order .

JMO .....peace & respect
I think that Rich kinda hit on this point, there are alot of weak men out there afraid of a strong, intelligent, independent, black woman who isnt afraid to speak her mind. Now ofcourse there are some lames (women) out there as there are in any group. However Black women have been bitter towards black men in the past for various reasons. The main reason being, that for a long time many black men lacked back bone to step to the plate. This isnt the case for many black men, but good ones are shamefully few and far between. Also black women are surpassing black men when it comes to careers and education. A sad epidemic because on most college campasses where the ratio is 7 to 1, especially at black schools and much worse at white institutions. There are more black men in prison, or on the street than there are in college. It is becoming increasingly harder to find black men who are accomplished and can handle a sucessful black woman with a career of her own, which leads to another increasing statistic; black women who marry outside of their race.
I love black men I wont give up on them just yet, but I have found that men from the Islands and Africa are in many ways different than american men, which is why I am more comfortable with them but thats just my opinion.


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